Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Lime or Light Green

Lime or Light Green

Ellis, 5, and I discovered these two whimsical photographs hanging on the hallway walls of the Stanford heart clinic in Sunnyvale, CA. The artist’s name is Christina Peters, and she uses random grocery items to create a shape. If you look from a distance, it makes a colorful and identifiable shape; if you look closer, the image is made up of one vegetable or snack item. Perspective made all the difference in appreciating these photographs and the photographer’s humor.


Color Photograph by Christina Peters “Scallion Star Kaleidoscope”


Color Photograph by Christina Peters “Gummy Bear Kaleidoscope”


Leaves pinched from Elliot’s tomato plant; Trying to determine the cause of those brown spots


Green onions growing at my parent’s farm in Southern California


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