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On the mend

Everyone in the Suh family is finally on the mend from a recent flurry of winter-related sickness. Three out of four of us, excluding Chris, took antibiotics for bronchitis, strep, or a sinus infection. Thankfully I was the last one to get sick.

At the first sign of a cold, I diligently started taking Nyquil, Airbone chewables, and ginger tea before bed to reduce sick time. I was hopeful that this would be a mild cold case, but the persistent migraines made life miserable. I took Advil for that, but as the migraine got worse I’d forget when I took the last dose. So I’d wait it out a few hours more before I take more. Then it finally dawned on me that this might be a sinus infection since it was affecting mainly the head and eye area.

A quick visit to the doctor’s office improved the migraines drastically. The effects of the antibiotics started working and by the second day, the headaches had subsided. Through this experience, I’ve developed more empathy for people who suffer from constant migraines; it’s debilitating and everything becomes bothersome.

The past week was a lesson in forcing myself to rest when I couldn’t let go of all the things I thought I had to do. Today is a new day and I’m thankful for feeling better. Looking forward to healthier times and waiting expectantly for God’s peace.

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  1. We moms have to rest if we are going to take care of the home. We truly are steel magnolias but we need rest to keep from rusting. Sorry for the southern anecdote. I do hope you get well, stay well and everyone feels better.


    1. I love the expression you used! I didn’t know what it meant so I had to google it, but it’s so true that moms are strong yet gentle at the same time.
      Thank you for your encouragement and reminder that moms need to stay healthy to take care of the family. I know that I can’t do it all but I sometimes get stubborn about it. And I end up getting sick and not being to do anything else. oy!!!
      Hope you are staying well and your foot is healing well.


  2. Glad to read you are getting better!!! Glad you also let go of what you thought was important or needed to be done and but your rest and health first.


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