Photo a Day: Start with the letter G/ Gorillas

Gorillas have a pensive and curious look. It doesn’t seem like they would randonly attack unless provoked to anger or felt themselves in danger.

These are only my observations, and I’ll probably never find out from personal experience. The closest I’ll ever get is seeing them at a zoo, which I did last June at San Diego Safari Park.

When we reached the enclosure, gorillas, of various sizes, were eating frozen fruit treats. Just seeing their eating behavior told a lot about their temperaments, especially the largest gorilla covering his or her face with a tall leaf branch. Love the attitude!

Thank you City Sonnet for hosting this challenge!

2 thoughts on “Photo a Day: Start with the letter G/ Gorillas

    • I had the same question too…they look so unnatural but it’s probably there for safety purposes: prevent the gorillas from climbing and jumping out of the enclosure?
      Thanks for looking so closely!


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