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Kids say funny things #2

I’m doing something new on my blog. My first “Kids say funny things” post received many positive comments and views. It may have brought to mind conversations that readers have had with small children or recall things they said themselves as kids.

It was also fun for me to write: great memories to record parts of my kids’ childhood and their growth. This is the second post of “Kids say funny things.” My postings will be spontaneous: you can’t plan when kids will have their adult-like conversations. So stay tuned! Thanks for reading. 🙂

In the car, older brother preps his sister for dance class sounding a bit like me. They whispered as though I couldn’t hear them even though they were only in the back seat of the car. 

Elliot: Ellis, we’re almost here. Promise that you’ll do the class (dance) today. No crying and getting grouchy like last time. Don’t you want to practice for the recital?”

Ellis: “I do,” she says irritated with her brother’s nagging. I didn’t say anything except to remind them that we are one minute away from class. She takes out her annoyance by kicking the back of the driver’s seat with her foot.

Elliot: “That’s not nice. Say ‘sorry.’

Ellis: “Sorry,” she says to no one. 

Elliot: “Don’t just say ok then change your mind when we get there. Like whaa…whaa…whaa…whaa,” he says flicking his wrist back and forth with each “whaa”.

Ellis: “Ugh…I won’t. Okay?” “But you and mommy sit in class with me.”

Elliot: “We will,” he says satisfied with her response. “But remember you promised (to take the class).”

Ellis is worried that she hasn’t lost her first tooth on her 6th birthday:

Ellis: “I’m six years old now, but my tooth is not falling out.”

Mommy: “It won’t fall out right on your birthday.”

Ellis: “But I want it to.”

Mommy: “Why?”

Ellis: “Because I’ll get a gold coin under my pillow or a toyyyyy.”

Mommy: “It will fall out soon, but all your baby teeth haven’t even grown in yet.”

Ellis: “Uh huh, but this one feels itchy” she says totally ignoring my comment.

Mommy: “That’s a good sign. Maybe it will get wiggly soon.”

Ellis: “I’m wiggling it with my tongue right now,” she says mumbling.

Mommy: “What? No you’re not,” I say surprised. 

Ellis: “Yes, I am,” she says with a smirk. 

When I lean in closer to look, she says, “Ok, maybe it’s not.”

She giggles with a shrug and says, ” I’m kidding.”


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    1. Thank you. That’s interesting to learn that molars can come in so late. All of this is new to me; so many idiosyncrasies with the body and everyone is so different. Tonight older brother got a shaky tooth, and sister was so upset that none of her were shaky. funny kids!

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      1. That’s a positive message! I will tell her. And it’s good to know that there’s less dental problems for the future. whew…one less thing to worry about. She has little popcorn teeth that she’s constantly checks for any wiggles.

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