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City Sonnet Photo-a-Day Challenge: June 02, 2019. Yellow

Here is my entry for City Sonnet’s June Photo-a-Day Challenge for yellow.

Yellow fish that looks like a clay figure. Check out its little lips.

Over time, canary yellow has become one of my favorite colors. Its bright color cheers me up and makes me think of warmth, sweetness, and the open country fields sprinkled with yellow daisies.

According to the website Empowered by Color, colors have emotions associated with it: “the color psychology of yellow is uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun.” and “In the meaning of colors, yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness.”

One year in college I lived in an apartment with canary yellow kitchen walls with bright green cabinet knobs. I didn’t complain since this was my first apartment to live in by myself and my parents paid the rent. Anything would do. I often wondered what the landlord was thinking in picking this unconventional color for the kitchen walls. Shouldn’t it be white, like the walls at home? It’s a color that grew on me and I realized that its brightness creates a cheerful and soothing ambiance. Now I love yellow.

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  1. Oh how nice your photos are and the apartment colors sound fun.
    We have a very pale yellow that fits our kitchen well.
    And don’t the yellow roses mean friendship or sympathy – ?

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    1. Thank you! I’m happy you like the pictures. I must really like yellow in nature. As I was going through my photos, I found so many yellow flower photos.
      The apartment kitchen was fun…it just took me a while to appreciate it. Pale yellow sounds lovely too!
      I just looked up the symbolism of yellow flower and it evokes happiness, friendship, and joy. I learned that white is a color of sympathy.
      Colors are really amazing to symbolize feelings and the evoke certain emotions. Have a colorful day and thanks for your comment!

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      1. Thanks for the reply and for the flower info
        Good to know white is sympathy
        And cool how you have the flowers in so many yellow – it just attract you!
        Side note – I just changed my two front hanging baskets to simple yellow trailing flowers – so nice


      2. You’re welcome! Your question motivated me to check it out. Then, I remembered how my grandmother would never let me wear a white headband or hair tie growing up, because it was for a funeral. I thought it was so old fashioned and unfair…now that I’m older I understand where she was coming from.
        I hope you enjoy the yellow hanging flowers and make you smile when you see them!

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      3. The yellow is so simple compared to the mixed colors and mixed assortment I have had there in former years – but they do not disappoint – and now I might think of this blog chat when I see them 😉
        And interesting story about then funeral –


      4. Thank you! I might try a yellow dress…just on whim. I always liked yellow but couldn’t fathom wearing it. Why not, huh?!
        Growing up Korean-American. lots of superstitions and beliefs were part of my upbringing, especially my grandmother.
        Have a good rest of the day!

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