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Heart clinic appointment…a long day ahead

I don’t know who’s more anxious: me or Ellis. It’s a super early appointment that lasts hours seeing different specialists. And why I’m still not sleeping is just nuts.

Brings back awful memories for our family. Condition has stabilized so much but it triggers a bunch of stuff and my nightmares get worse days before these visits.

I packed a barf bag and baby wipes just in case.

Throughout the day, she’s been reminding me that she’s scared of shots. Me too. We’re both exhausted at the end for different reasons and we come home to Elliot eager to play and talk about all that’s happened. My goodness, all I can do by then is change into jammies and conk out.

He also wants to know if Ellis got a post- clinic prize and if he got one too. It’s a strange tradition we started since she was a baby. I didn’t want Elliot to resent his sister for all the times I’d be with her running to and fro appointments, so I’d get prizes for both Ellis and Elliot from the hospital gift shop. When she got older, she’d pick his prize.

It’s saved us a lot of grief so I can’t complain. But this means we have a bunch of random toys.

Anyways, we’ve come a long way in a positive direction thanks to God and the medical doctors caring for Ellis. I always feel funky the night before these appointments, which only exacerbates my insomnia.

Thanks for reading…needed to share before falling asleep.

The appointment where brother tagged along

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