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Lens Artist Photo Challenge #03 – Surprise

Chubby critters found along the California Native Trail in SF Botanical Garden: Dressed up for Halloween

I found this picture on our way out of the garden. Those little “Halloween caterpillars” (that’s our coined name) transform into these stunning butterflies. Its beginning is not reflective of its end stage. Everything takes time and patience to transform into something beautiful.
This looks like a muddy pathway to the lotus pond. Beware however! It’s actually a swamp that I almost entered. Thank goodness for Chris pulling me back, mumbling to himself that if he weren’t there I would’ve walked right into it.
“Why, mommy, why?!” An afternoon drive to beat the boredom led to a windy, narrow road. This rugged trail. When we saw a sign for mountain lion sightings, we bolted out of there. They mention this as the worst drive ever. I wholeheartedly agree.

Thanks Leya for hosting this fun challenge!

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    1. That’s probably what she was thinking. So funny! When I mention going on a drive, they flat out say “no.” I still get the heeby jeebies thinking about it.
      Hey friend, so happy to hear from you! I hope all is well where you are. Take care and stay safe. hugs…
      Oh, and there was a post by Stine writing about wearing masks that would make you laugh. Let me see if I can share it with you. I’m a techno dino.


      1. Awesome am looking forward to it. Am doing well. Summer is here and when not working I spend my time outside in sun. Son is out running the neighborhood with his bud. They have gone to swing. At the park


    2. Of course, it’ll take me hours to figure out.
      I cut and pasted it. It’s from the blog, StineWriting.
      If you don’t like wearing a mask, you won’t like wearing a ventilator!

      Doctor talking on CNN


      1. I had stopped in grocery store to grab some stuff when I overheard a conversation between a couple and another woman:
        Man: We know it is real. We see that people are contracting and dying from it. We just are so outside because it has not hit us as hard.
        I wanted to stop and thank him but figured I would just keep going. In last two days we have had 6 new cases. We were going down. Twice we hit 6 days no new cases and this week it begins to climb


      2. There are conscientious people out there, and I’m so thankful for them! My kid is in the high-risk category and we freak out constantly. I just wonder why wearing a mask needs to be controversial.
        Stay safe and well!!


      3. Awww thank you!! Hugs back to you and Tember. Love hearing your stories…
        I hear what you’re saying. It’s a strange and lethal experience. I can’t believe we’re still in this pandemic. Here in California, cases are rising too.
        Stay well!


    1. Hahaha, that’s a great comment! The butterflies and the swamp was one outing, and the last picture with my kids looking distraught was another incident last month.
      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. Have a great rest of this Sunday!


    1. It was a horrendous drive and they were pretty upset with me. On the drive down the windy road, she told me to stop asking how she was doing. It scared her more to talk. I’ve learned my lesson. Read reviews before trip. Noted!
      Thank you for your comment! It’s funny to look at the picture now, but her expression says a lot. hahaha
      Hope you are having a good mid-week and your headaches are improving!


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