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Figuring out new things…don’t like it

Both kids have developed a sudden love for video games. We tried pushing it off this summer as long as we could, but we relented. Minecraft.

Parents' Ultimate Guide to Minecraft | Common Sense Media

We have entered a new play zone. They’re growing up.

This meant hours of research online learning about it, deciding which version to buy, setting it up (which Chris did), learning the game, enduring YouTube videos of people playing the game, and (fruitlessly) establishing cross-play between servers. I don’t like it at all!!

It seems easy to understand but little details slow down the process. I’ve been helping Elliot set up a play with his friend online, and it’s been a process. I handed my phone over to the kids and they misread their friend’s username. So the whole time I’ve been dealing with the wrong name. Impatient and frustrated! I so want to get mad at them and at me for not double checking the spelling. Ack! I feel bad that we wasted everyone’s time. Kids are clueless about this: Ellis fell asleep after waiting for texts from friend’s mom and Elliot is humming as he plays minecraft by himself.

I hope you don’t mind. Just needed to share my maddening past hour.

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  1. Lol. Sounds like my afternoon yesterday, where I finally said to the kids, why am I the one who is trying to make this happen when I’m not the one who’s playing? (As they were all playing individually on Minecraft rather than in a shared world and ignoring me as I tried to spell out their friend’s gamer tag!!).

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  2. Minecraft has been the number one game for almost the last eight years in our house. I am glad that our oldest child is old enough to be able to explain everything to other children. So I have nothing to do about it. But I remember the beginnings when it was – what should I do, why doesn’t this work… πŸ™‚ LOL

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    1. It’s a popular game among kids to adults. You can create worlds and play survival with other players. It’s block people and creepers with no arms. I don’t know how they get into it so much. Now they make me play this phone game called Skywar…I don’t know why they want me to play because I’m clueless about it.
      Your daughter will have years before your grandkids start playing video games. But soon they will like game apps geared towards kids; fun and educational. Pink Fong, Baby Bus, Baby Shark; those were their favorites.

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      1. Yes, I can see my granddaughters playing games very soon. Time flies. I hope you have fun with the game. It seems like the whole family is involved in setting up and building the world!!


      2. It’s been a family affair in deciding who plays what, for how long, and with whom, which version to buy, setting up a gaming place…oh my! I didn’t want to be so involved, but it was more hands on than I anticipated.
        I have not attempted to play it. No interest in video games; never had an interest in it.
        Board games are fun too. I wonder if your grandkids will play Candyland and Chutes and Ladder; those were popular in our home. Sometimes Ellis still wants to play these games, and I don’t have to try to hard to lose. When she was younger, mommy winning would lead to tears. And Hungry Hippo too. Fun game but very noisy.


      3. I commend moms who limit screen time! I don’t know how they implement it. It’s tough to keep kids occupied all the time, and screen time is mom’s nap time. πŸ™‚
        Hope you are having a good Sunday evening.


      4. I understand, Esther. 😊 My daughter limits Autumn’s movie time to once a week so far. So mostly, they do activities with her. She and her husband take turns. Yes, they are busy taking care of the kids. My daughter naps when the kids nap. She has more time when Autumn goes to daycare.

        It may change when she gets older, but I don’t think my daughter will leave her alone with the screen. I stayed with her watching movies or playing computer games when she was growing up. ☺️


  3. Good luck gaming homeschool mama!
    My 10-year-old has to set up my workout DVD because I have no idea how to work the TV/DVD/streaming services/Nintendo switch/etc/etc!


    1. I’m right there with you on my tech savviness. Casting what’s on my phone to the tv takes forever. I start sweating when I know the family is looking at me. And then I do something nuts and press back button and what not.
      There’s just so much to learn with all the new technology…I’m on the slow side of things, much to my kid’s dismay.

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    1. Patience is constantly tested and tried…something I’m relearning everyday and failing at miserably too. Sometimes I realize that meddling makes things worse; it’s better to stay quiet and continue doing my thing.

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      1. You have more patience than me Esther. My patience is sorely tested by noise … I am here, alone, and so, unless the radio is on, it is quiet in here. In fact, the clock in the corner has a loud second hand which makes a noise every second. It often puts me to sleep. Then there is the dog next door – it starts to whine and cry as soon as the owner steps out the door. It does this under my kitchen window (the houses are closed). All. Day. Long. I want to scream sometimes. I can turn on and raise the volume on the radio, but sometimes you have no escape.


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