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Travel With Me #3: Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

Visiting this redwoods state park was a memorable nature experience for our family. The towering trees are all different in sizes and idiosyncratic features. The tallest tree at this part is around 1500 years old; these trees have experienced history over the years. It was a time machine back into history.

During our 2020 wildfires in the bay area, this park was threatened by the fires, about 2 acres damaged. I thought this park was more heavily damaged, but it was Big Basin Redwoods State Park, 30 minutes father north from Henry Cowell State Park, that had more extensive damage from the fires. Their historic buildings burned down and redwood trees scorched or badly harmed by the flames.

Hopefully, the redwood trees will regrow with more strength and resilience over the years!

Thanks Yvette for inviting me to this challenge! It’s a pleasure to share my travel photos and to reminisce. Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy!

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    1. The trees are amazing and they have been through a lot. Amazed at their resilience and longevity. We haven’t visited since last summer, but the park is open now. They went through a scare with the wildfires last summer.

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  1. This is a beautiful park – I was there back in 1980 and enjoyed walking through. It is almost inconceivable to image a tree that is 1,500 years old – wow! It is amazing to look up and see how tall they are like the photo you took.


    1. This park is lovely! These travel photos are from last summer and we haven’t visited since the wildfires last summer. I would like to go back and explore; kids are not interested in the idea. The wildfire memory is too recent.
      The more I check, there’s more redwood areas in the Bay area and I’d like to visit the redwood tree where you can drive through it. Wild! I remember you mentioning that you went on a tour to this park. It’s a wonderful place to admire the trees.


      1. Those trees are so massive – you cannot help but be incredulous when seeing them. I am sure it will be heart-wrenching to see a forest of charred remains whenever you do return.


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