Flower of the day: May 5, 2021. Pink tree blossoms

Tree blossoms

Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.” – Hafez

I wish these blooms would stick around longer, but they are rapidly falling to the ground making way for leaves. Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday afternoon! Thank you Cee for hosting this challenge and for all you readers taking time to visit my blog.

7 thoughts on “Flower of the day: May 5, 2021. Pink tree blossoms

      • Yes – that’s a good trade if they come back quickly. Hugs back at you Esther … enjoy a few days away from the grind of the weekdays. Explore a little – it’s good for our souls.

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      • The pink blossoms have already fallen and replaced with lush leaves. It’s a bittersweet cycle isn’t it?!
        Oh my gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve replied. Sorry for my lateness. I say I’ll hop onto WP and comment and explore, and then someone uses my computer and I can say goodbye to my plans. It’s time for another computer.
        Hope you are having a good weekend and enjoying your adventures!

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      • I hate when all the blossoms drop and it returns to a blah green. I am surprised we did not lose more as a result of the frosty weather we had for about ten days. I am about three days – you might as well count today, so make that four days behind in Reader, so I am at fault for responses as well. And I’m not sharing the computer … so I have no excuse. I stayed fairly close to home today and went to my regular little Park since all the bigger parks had scheduled activities or Spring clean-up going on, so stayed nearby. I am trying to avoid crowds, especially now with the no-mask rules. I don’t know how the weekend slips away so quickly Esther, do you? Enjoy your weekend as well.


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