7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: May 5, 2021. Problem solving

    • It was Elliot’s birthday last month. Party City said that Pokemon balloons would last only 5 days. I don’t know what they put in them because they’re still up and kids refuse to take them down. Ellis’ bday was in March so hers were up till her brothers. Maybe by the end of this month, we can claim back our living room.
      The sofa cushion fort in the picture was to keep them from arguing. Mediating arguments is not my favorite thing. lol
      I hope you have a great Thursday!


      • That’s a good business to have balloons lasting for months. It feels like having a marathon birthday party. You’re ideas of the fort is great. Whatever it works is worth doing it. Have a great weekend, Esther.

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      • The balloons are still floating around the living room. Unbelievable. I put weights on them since it could get caught in the fan or travel around the house. One time a balloon floated up the stairs and that was creepy!
        Fort is a silly idea…it’s ridiculous but if I make the ridiculous serious, they get over things faster. All that work; no wonder I’m greying.
        Hope you are having a great weekend. The weather is wonderful in CA.


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