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Wait a minute…that not a turkey

My kiddos and I enjoy taking closer looks into creeks and seeing the different kinds of creatures that live there. It’s mesmerizing to observe nature doing its thing. Well, it was definitely that yesterday. We walked down a small slope to the side of a creek where Ellis wanted to […]

Monochrome Monday: 7-18’22

A fun, spontaneous picture opportunity at the mall. Minutes before taking this photo, I felt like a total wreck with 2 grouchy kids and me suffering from days-long insomnia, but the familiar cuddle pose felt natural and comfortable. It was just a grumpy…no hard feelings among us. Elliot is happily […]

RDP Wednesday: Toys

My kids and I are obsessed with cute plushies and toy figures. They all have history, memories, and special people related to them. The madness began when they were young and began as a practical and consoling way to get through any sicknesses, doctor visits, ER trips, and hospital stays. […]