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Operation Christmas Child

Every autumn our family packs shoe boxes with hygiene items, school supplies, and fun toys for kids around the world, and some of those kids have never received a gift before. It’s a wonderful project to be a part of, to spread Christmas cheer, and God’s love. Our Bible study […]

Encouragement for homeschoolers

“When home education is placed in its proper place, seen as a gift, a blessing, a tool, an act of stewardship, and when it is embraced in humility, it is a lovely thing.” Dawn Gregg How I wish I could make it like that! Been a tough yet rewarding week. […]

Tasmanian Devil pic & info

At the San Diego Zoo, we finally got to see a Tasmanian Devil in real life. They were on a trail we rarely passed since it’s inaccessible via the tour bus route. This animal looks like a small to medium possum with a pointy tail. This one was running around […]

Sea urchins wear hats

Sea urchins wear hats! I’m not kidding. At the aquarium, we saw these sea urchins with shells and a piece of coral tube stuck on top of its head. Laughing it off we said they’re fadhionistos wearing hats. Looking it up at home, we actually learned it’s a safety mechanism […]