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Crochet: puppy fashion

Since August, Ellis and I have been learning how to crochet. It’s a mumble jumble of fingers getting tangled up in yarns and losing tension with the hook. The only thing I can make so far is this single crochet square; it’s uneven at the sides when I miscount the […]


This is strange of me, but I haven’t had much motivation to write these days. Much of my time has been filled with homeschooling lessons or getting into a new groove with it. My hip pain also returned with a vengeance and every step I take makes we wince. It’s […]

Accidental charge

Chris: “We got a charge for a phone call to New Zealand. Was that you?” Me: “uhhhhh…oh yea, it was a butt dial.” Chris: “hahah, ok. That was $14.” Me: “yikes…stupid butt dial…” Few minutes later, he emails me back: the phone company credited us the whole amount for good […]