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The week has been a mixed bag. This coming Tuesday Ellis has a heart catherization procedure and it could be an outpatient procedure or turn into an overnight stay if there’s profuse bleeding from the cath site. That decision will be based on her condition after the cath. Mid June, […]

Imminent burn out

In two weeks the school year officially ends. This homeschool teacher (me) is emotionally stretched and haggardly tired. I usually start the day with high ambitions and my scribbled planner shows all the cool learning stuff we could do: gardening, nature walks, identifying flowers, new fish, cooking, outings. But playing […]

Swingin’ on a tire

Rare outing to a playground this afternoon. It was more fun than we anticipated and kids finally got to ride the swings; all-time favorite playground activity. It was a quiet afternoon with only a few number of kids, so social distancing was not an issue. This wobbly tire swing was […]