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Flower of the day: Mystery plant identified. July 21, 2021

“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

According to Google lens, the mystery plant turns out to be…barley. Eh? How did this random seed come into my possession and it’s a miracle it actually grew into something needing identification. That’s progress in my gardening record.

From this May till now, the seed turned into a small sprig that kept growing tall like green grass. It showed no signs of buds or changes to the leaves which made it harder to identify. But an interesting development occurred yesterday.

I realized the stem is like a tube and that something was growing in there all along. In one part of the stem it opened up pushing out a green braided flower that looks like a rope. The braid then trailed off to long hair shoots pointing upwards.

I may soon transfer this plant to a deeper pot or else the stalks will get too long and flop over. It needs a bigger home. It would’ve been interesting to have documented its growth over time but I started with low expectations that it wouldn’t survive. Thank goodness it grew tall despite my skepticism and it’s teaching me to not give up hope on something too soon. Some things just need extra time, extra sun, and energy to reach its potential.

Tending this plant reminds me of God’s grace and His patience with me while I grow into the person he desires.

Funky hairstyle in progress

Thank you Linda, Jay-Lyn, and Miriam for your helpful suggestions! You guys gave me helpful tips on where to look for information.

Cee, thank you for hosting this challenge and hope you are having a good midweek!

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  1. Yesterday I was putting groceries into my customer’s car when he asked me about what I thought was a weed. Wanted to know if I knew what it was (it was growing out of a crack in the cement and wall. Hauled out my phone and Google Lens’d it. It said it was Fennel. Now how does Fennel show up outside a grocery store growing in concrete?????? We could not pull it out and the stalk split so he took the top half home and is going to let me know how it goes.:)


    1. Nature has a funny way of growing in unexpected places. But that Fennel was determined to bloom despite the concrete. I hope your customer comes back with good news that the Fennel made it.
      Seeds are small but travel far and wide and into unlikely places. Google Lens is great for looking up things…thanks for sharing the helpful app with me.
      Hope you are having a good weekend and staying cool in the heat wave! This is an exceptionally hot summer for all of us. I have a ceiling fan on but it’s not too cooling unlike an a/c. The a.c gets too cold and when it’s turned off…heats up right away. Doing it old school.


  2. Interesting, and glad you know what it is now. Do you feed the birds with seeds? There are all kinds of grains in those, and I’ve planted some before. Never knew what it was that came up. 🙂


    1. I have no idea what to do with this plant! Maybe birds will visit it although it’s not enough to feed more than one small bird.
      I’ll just have to see what transpires. Interesting plant and very pretty.

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  3. It was a great progress and discovery, Esther. Yeah, I don’t know how you got that seed either. but seeds travel in great distance. That’s the wonder of nature. 🙂


  4. I was happy to put my two cents worth in. 🙂 These pictures today, it does look like wheat when you see it in a field, though I’ve never seen it green, just when ready to harvest.


  5. I love Emerson’s quotes – that’s a great one! Wow, barley, now it makes me wonder if the weeds that took over one of my garden beds isn’t that…?! Huh, interesting. So fun that you are saving it and watching it mature. Kind of like watching our kids grow too?! 🙂


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