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Fish just chilling in honey jar

This is our albino catfish hanging out in a clean honey jar. The glass jar has an attractive hexagon shape and I thought it would be a fun addition to the tank and stimulation for the fish. It’s been a few weeks since it’s been in the fish tank, and Albert has discovered its coziness.

When I first saw Albert in there, I thought he got stuck and died (the pic above). With some tapping on the side of the tank, he finally swam out. He’s the only one who ventures in there. At the next cleaning, I may replace it with the SpongeBob pineapple house that’s in storage.

I didn’t tell the story of how we returned to our 10 gallon tank from our 20 gallon upgrade. We kept our 20 gallon for a few months and in October 2021, I emptied it out after half of our fish population died from an unknown disease. This happened when Ellis was in the hospital in October and Elliot told us that our fish were dying left and right. I thought he was joking but he sent pics for evidence.

It was probably a disease that spread from the new fish we got from Petco prior to Ellis’ sickness. When several fish sporadically floated lifelessly around, Elliot noticed white foam on the fish. After that incident, 6 survivors remain: 4 neon tetras and 2 catfish. They are staying strong and enjoying the smaller tank.

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  1. Albert is so interesting, that’s the first time I’ve seen an albino catfish. I would’ve thought he was not alive too – that’s quite the expression you captured in the photo. Sorry that you had some disease that took so many fish. Aquariums can be tricky to maintain, looks like you’re doing a great job with the challenges and finding joy in the successes. Hi to you and your family – I hope all is well and that you’re looking forward to summer fun.

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    1. That expression got me scared too! If Albert were dead, I would be too freaked to post it…the eyes seem empty, dont they? It could be that way cause it’s an albino. They have bad eyesight.
      I’m so glad you stopped by! We’re doing lots of random things to stay occupied and well and with Covid lockdown, it was kind of a wild ride.
      Hope the weather is improving for you! Have a great start to the weekend.

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      1. I’m glad Albert is okay. Fish can look so not there sometimes, especially with empty eyes! That’s a great description of the look.
        It’s fun to pop in on old blogging friends – it’s so easy to lose track of each other with all that happens in life. The past couple of years have been a wild ride, that’s for darn sure.
        I’m so happy to see you and your family are hanging in there and finding moments of joy to celebrate!
        I hope you have a great week too. My last week was a blur. I can’t believe it’s Sunday again. Happy April to you and yours!

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  2. I’d have thought Albert was a goner too – perhaps the other fish saw him posing like that for you and said “no way am I going into the honey jar – I might stuck in there like Albert” (didn’t Winnie the Pooh get his paw stuck in a honey jar once?). I am sorry all that happened to your fish tank – the smaller one is more manageable, less work for you. Scary thinking about the fish foaming at the mouth.

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    1. The glazed eyes look pretty scary, but they look like that all the time. It’s that limp, floaty position of his that scared away the others. We used to have another albino catfish named Albert but he passed in the 20 gallon with the others. This was the new albino we got from Petco that survived; at first he didn’t look strong from spastic nerves and rapid breathing. After original Al died, it just seemed appropriate to name him Albert .
      The 20 gallon is gathering dust and is storage for fish supplies. I could’ve managed if it weren’t for the hospital trips and the constant kitchen renovations we had last year. 20 gallon tank with water is like a boulder. Worked out that we’re back to a smaller tank.

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      1. I remember the hospital trip and also you had the mold issue, so the kitchen was torn up and you stayed a few days in a hotel. Not a stellar year for your family, including the fish.


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