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Whatsoever is lovely. Week 21. Moment with Elliot

This past weekend I had a lovely moment. In the midst of me busily dusting our bedroom drawer, Elliot surprised me with a long bear hug. Instead of pleasant surprise, mom fear rose up in me. This must be a prelude to something bad.

He motioned his hand to my ear. ‘Oh dear,’ I thought, ‘another spat with his sister, unresolved conflict, or comment about what she said or did. This will not end pretty with her shedding tears just from the fact that he said something about her. I’m not in the mood to console or get into that understanding mom mode….blah, blah. blah.’

I bent my side sideways to get closer to his mouth. He whispered, “Thank you mommy for being my giving tree. (pause) I just felt like telling you.” (We had recently talked about “The Giving Tree” from Shel Silverstein during one of our walks and how moms want their kids to be happy but kids don’t realize the sacrifice until much later. I was one of those kids too.)

Heh?! What? My heart leapt forwards and backwards and his sweet message left me stunned. I am grateful for his tender heart and how he is trying his best to navigate Ellis’ medical journeys as a close bystander.

This morning outside our porch I hugged Elliot tight and talked about silly things. Flames burst out of Ellis’ eyes and she motioned with her arms that she wanted a hug too. Elliot saw her do the usual arm fold over her chest that means ‘I want a hug!’

Brother was exasperated. “You get mommy for like a whole week when you’re in the hospital.” She nodded in agreement but glumly said, “I know, but I’m sick in there.”

It’s a wild mess. A wild mess where I see our family’s heart getting stretched, challenged, molded, softened, and growing. Following Jesus is not a problem-free existence yet he shows us constantly how life is better with him in the lead.

Thank you XingfuMama for hosting this challenge! Happy to join this challenge for the first time. Have a great start to a new week.

Readers, blessed that you are stopping by and I appreciate all your support and encouragement. – Esther

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