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Pokemon Nanoblocks

Tiny Lego-like block’s creations. The itty-bitty pieces for one creation could fit into the palm of one hand (adult hands, unless you’re a grown up with baby hands). I read in one review that sausage fingers have it worst when building these figures.

Kids persevered through several sittings to get these done. In the meantime, we purchased nanoblock tweezers and block plate for easier assemble. But I should’ve just held tight and not gotten the extra accessories since kids’ smaller fingers could manage.

Assembly process involved lots of moaning, complaining, exhilaration, flow, skepticism (this is defective!), perseverance, problem solving, meticulousness, and finally satisfaction at completing it.

I did some walrus clapping for them. They’re now displayed proudly on their desks on the nanoblock plates (which are not shown).

β€œWe require from buildings two kinds of goodness: first, the doing their practical duty well: then that they be graceful and pleasing in doing it.” –

John Ruskin

Charizard by Elliot:

Dragonite by Ellis:

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      1. That’s great Esther, so maybe they’ll be inspired to build more! A fellow blogger built a Lego grand piano – just finished it a week ago. He did one bag per week and gave a progress report each week at the end of his regular blog post. Altogether, it had 3,600 pieces. It was amazing to see and plays music as well.


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