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Pre-Covid screening conversation

Last pre-op to do this week: COVID test

We arrived at a pre-procedure Covid screening area and got taken to the screening room after a few minutes.

Nurse: “This is the kind of Covid test where I have to go far up the nose. It’ll only take a few seconds. Good news is that if I get a good specimen on one nostril, then I don’t have to do the other one.”

Ellis: slowly nods in agreement, tearing up.

After swabbing one nostril, nurse says that was good enough.

On our way out, Ellis tells me in a mischievous voice, “When the nurse told me about getting a good specimen, I thought, you’ll only need one side.”

Me: “Why only one?”

Ellis: “You’ll definitely get a good specimen for whichever side. You don’t have to worry. Mmwahahahaha. My nose is very s…n…ah—teee!”

Have a great weekend and stay well! -Esther

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