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Peacock & peachicks

On our drive back home from Los Angeles last Saturday, we like to stop by roadside fruit stands in Gilroy for fresh strawberries, cherries, garlic, or small avocados. That’s a quick stop where we get in and out of the car. However, a more longer and entertaining stop would be Casa de Frutas, a larger and more established pit stop, which we usually pass in hopes of getting home faster.

Once Ellis saw the sign, Ellis insisted we stop for fresh air. Elliot was in no mood to agree with his sister but we persuaded otherwise with the prospect of ice cream and roaming peacocks, which we’ve seen previously.

no fear…just all over the parking lot

Not only did we see peacocks but there were several peachicks. Cars busily pulled in and out of the parking lot, but these peacocks with their little ones were calm and cool. They must know what they’re doing; it would’ve been a horrible way to end our trip by seeing roadkill right before our eyes.

After walking around this establishment and seeing its quirky beauty, I have a newfound appreciation for this place. The orchard started in 1908 by Italian immigrant brothers, Bisceglia brothers, and the grand nephews of the first owner started a cherry stand in 1943. Over the years, it has expanded into a specialty grocery shop, kids’ playground, inn, wine shop, ice cream parlor, inn, duck pond, restaurant, and a small train.

It’s not close to a main city, so it’s not someplace we’ll visit when bored. But we’ll probably make an effort to stop when we’re on the road and need a break.

We still stopped by the other roadside fruit stand and even got to feed a horse. Unexpected and fun.

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    1. It’s an entertaining stop! On future road trips I’m going to be more intentional about stopping there. I considered going to a Halloween homeschooling event there last year, but kind of got scared driving that far by myself. Maybe if they have it again this year, I may venture out.
      Thanks Launa for stopping by and hope you are enjoying the last bit of summer before the school year starts!!


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