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Kids say funny things…at Target

Each time we make a trip to Target, it’s an unspoken rule that kids need to take a leisurely stroll through the toy aisles. Even if they don’t have anything particular in mind, each step taken through the aisle is slow, full of concentration, and exclamations, “woooooooow,” “what?…when did they come out with this??,” and “you gotta see this.”

Kids were being facetious but there’s a bit of truth in it too.

Lingering around the Lego section for minutes, I announce:

Me: “Alright guys, let’s get going. We came for milk, remember?”

Elliot: “Ok, I’m coming.” I hear his hurried footsteps behind me and he taps Ellis’ shoulder, who is standing next to me with her hand in mine. I hear a giggle and Elliot whispering, not so quietly, to Ellis:

Elliot: “Ellis, act sick. Here, I’ll pat your back.”

Ellis: “Huh?,” she asks curiously.

Elliot: “You know, act sick so mama will get us a toy,” he replies with a big grin and one eyebrow raised in mischief.

Ellis: “Bruh…”

Me: “Guys! You know I can hear you.”

Elliot: “I thought maybe, yea. Whatever. Let’s go.”

Remembering this conversation made me laugh. It’s our unusual family dynamic that’s developed over the years with Ellis’ bouts of sickness and me trying to cope with it by getting them toys. When she was younger and got sick, I’d tell her I’ll get her a toy to lift her spirits and give her something to look forward to.

But if she was too sick, she would balk and resist the offer. This signaled a more serious bout. Elliot would get a prize toy every time his sister got one, because he was often overlooked or had to take a backseat when his sister got sick. Weird but true.

p.s. Thanks Chris for not arguing with me about this strange tradition. There are deeper reasons behind it. Make little sense but when you’re in the thick of it, you grab at any kind of hope. (And we love toys.)

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  1. Not the “whatever, let’s go” πŸ˜‚ They are too funny! Also, we like toys too. The other day when we were at Walmart, my son tried to tell MEEE how to get to the Lego Duplo aisle.


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