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Oakland Zoo Glowfari 2022

We finally went to Glowfari at Oakland Zoo. After 2 years of tickets being sold out, I was finally able to get tickets for December 1st this year.

CA. barely gets any rain, but of course, it decided to pour on the day of our outing. Oakland Zoo was adamant on their website that this evening event was still happening and tickets are nonrefundable.  Humph!

Thankfully, the rain stopped in the afternoon, so we took our chances and went. Kids complained about wearing jackets and undershirts and what not…but I’m sure they thanked me inside their hearts when we got there. (Side note: Ellis is peering over me writing this and said she did not thank me at all. Double roar!)

Lovely thing about these outings is that it’s outdoors and easy social distancing. The lights were gorgeous with lit animal sculptures and trails.

Pic with Santa. Elliot got a surprise Pokémon card from Santa. It’ll probably get sleeved and framed somewhere in the house.

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    1. Thank you Linda! I like it too.
      Chris was under a lot of pressure taking that photo. Usually I get mad at him for taking pics of me that are so awkward and random that he stopped. This goes back to our honeymoon and beyond. Lol. He did good on that 📸.


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