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FOTD: 12-6-’22. Tree trunk and fungi

Look what I found! This tree was at the parking lot of the kid’s dentist office. It looks like a usual tree trunk but once you look up, you see thick stacked layers of this fungal growth. I was tempted to touch it and feel its texture, although the curious side of me wanted to break off a chunk of it to see its inner layers. Kids protested and told me to hurry my observations and to better not touch that thing…I blame their indifference on hangriness.

The damp part of the trunk had smaller fungi and the dryer part had nothing. Moss growth was minimal but present. The recent rain must’ve led to this growth! More rain is on the way, so looking forward to seeing more unusual growths and changes in CA. nature.

Looking at the picture, I wonder what the heck it is. Please don’t tell me it’s like part of a wood trunk. That would be embarrassing.
how does it grow so large, lumpy, and round?
looks like whale mouth’s or oversized penguin beaks
blurry photo, but can you discern the small growths and tiny green patch on the right side of the pic?

Thanks Cee for hosting this challenge! I hope you are having a good start to December.

Readers, so grateful for all of you! I get happy to come here and post knowing that I get to share with you all. Take care and please stay healthy during this flu season. – Esther

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  1. Really cool looking! I’m pretty sure they are called shelf mushrooms and they do grow like this on tree trunks. Google has some photos of this kind if you want to look them up. 🙂


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