Being brilliant sounds awesome


My first attempt at responding to the Daily Post, word-prompt for the day!

The word “brilliant” is just wonderful, especially if someone describes you with that word.

I want to be brilliant at lots of things but I can’t say that I am. So in my daydreaming I imagine how life could be different if my mind constantly churned out awe-inspiring answers, ideas, or plans. I would be popular and possible very rich. But I wonder if life would get mundane if everything came easily. Striving has its own rewards too.

The process of becoming brilliant, depending on whose standards you use, can be arduous but worth the effort. You pick up valuable skills along the way that can be useful in others areas of life as well: perseverance, learning from mistakes, humility, patience, gratefulness and teamwork.

So here I go, just doing my thing, hoping that one day I’ll become brilliant at something (big or small, I don’t care).

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