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An irritable Monday turned around

Monday grind.

The day started like any other day, but I was still recovering from the flurry of fun activities from the previous week: Halloween community party with neighbors, trick or treating, playing outside, art class and dinner with friends. My body still needed extra recovery time yet I had things to do and places to go.

On our way to one of Elliot’s classes, Ellis started dry heaving in the backseat. This happens often but it’s something that never gets easy to accept. I could feel cold sweat on my back as I looked back to check on her.

After class, the refuel light popped up on the car dashboard. I could’ve turned into any gas station, but in my frugal quest I decided to drive a few extra minutes to Costco. Attempt to save money created major time delays from road issues and a traffic accident on the way. I wouldn’t have mind if Ellis hadn’t asked for another throw-up bag. I felt frazzled: I got a vomiting child and another one complaining about the grossness of his sister’s frequent vomiting.

Arrived home safely.

Threw out liquidy bags from back seat.

I picked up Happy Meals on the way home. Kids were fed, so I decided this was perfect opportunity to make the call I’ve been procrastinating to the medical insurance company. I knew it was going to be a long phone call, but I didn’t expect to be on the phone for 1 1/2 hours.

In the meantime, kids were happy with their lunch and Ellis even shared half of her burger with Elliot. All was well until he found a tiny slither of a pickle in it. He gave me that look of betrayal and tears rolled down. I’m on the phone inquiring about a new bill I received in the mail which I had already paid (trying to be as pleasant as possible on the phone) while reassuring Elliot with hand gestures that the pickle was not my fault. Turns out the hospital rebilled the difference for the discount they gave me from the original balance. Whew, saved a few hundred dollars.

The experience could’ve been horrible were it not for the kindest and most patient customer service representative who helped me sort through several billing issues. Thank you Nikki! But I was getting phone fatigue: It takes a lot of mental energy to process insurance language and to think how much it all costs: eligibility, meeting deductibles, co-insurance, procedure codes, medical necessity vs. preventative, in network and out-of-network, insurance adjustment and patient responsibility.

Phone call ended.

I open my computer to check email only to find the low battery sign pop up. I hook up the charger to the computer and discover that the charger won’t stay put unless I tweak it to fit into the piece that broke off into the computer port. (If you didn’t understand that, you’re not alone. I usually call specific computer parts “things.”)

Oh my gosh, if you’ve made it this far to this post, thank you! My bad day could’ve stayed in that mode, but I realized how things could’ve been worse.

Things that made me grateful:

1. We did not run out of throw-up bags in the car. Car seat and Ellis kept clean from vomit debris.

2. A fellow homeschooling mom encouraged me saying that I helped her stick with homeschooling when she was close to quitting.

3. Car made it to Costco gas line and I could use my credit card to pay for it.

4. I didn’t have to make lunch. Kids were content until Elliot discovered a pickle.

5. Insurance phone call could’ve been nightmarish with a cranky representative, but the person helping me was unbelievably kind and understanding. Wow, her patience encouraged me immensely and increased my appreciation for the hard job these representatives have!

6. Out of the blue, our homeschooling Education Specialist sent me an uplifting text saying she thought of me after hearing a song on the radio.

7. Computer is slightly damaged but nothing too awful that it will stop working.

Once again, I was convinced! God does not abandon me in my troubles. Instead he sends me encouragement and hope through people and situations. It could’ve been easier to stay grumpy all day and wish the day would be over soon, which I’ve unfortunately done in the past. But staying in this rut compounds the negativity in my life, as well as impact those dearest to me.

Asking God to give me more energy and wisdom for the day, I felt grateful that He turned my day around with gentle reminders of goodness around me. I keep forgetting that He is a good and merciful God. I am always shocked when He responds to my prayers, gives me hope in hopeless situations, affirms me when I feel defeated, and shows me overall that He is powerfully in control of everything.

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  1. Thanks for this post–just when I needed it. Parenting is exhausting and the reality is, it’s never perfect. Feeling gratitude for seeing this today!

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    1. I’m so so happy to hear from you!! Thank you for your encouraging comment. I sometimes feel like I’m blogging into a void but to know that it helps another person makes me overjoyed!!
      Parenting is tough business: one that has long term effects on the little ones we love. I agree that it’s never perfect but we do try our best. Your boys are lucky to have a strong, kind, and super smart mommy like you!! xoxoxoxo


  2. Anyone who says being a mother is easy work is CRAZY. And on top of that there is running the house, being chief grocery purchaser, Bill payer….and the list goes on. Stay strong, you will survive. I know I did. God always has a plan.

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      1. You will really appreciate your efforts when they are adults themselves and you realize they are pretty neat people and you can say “I help get that done”


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