6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: City Sonnet, Start with W. Day 20. Wonder

  1. Reminded me of my childhood going to the beach and picking up big shells to hear the ocean or was it the wind?!!! It was fun 😊 Too bad here I don’t go to the beach often; I am freezing walking at Ocean Beach in SF.

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    • It’s great that you had the experience of hearing sounds from a shell! I don’t think I ever did that in a beach environment growing up. Ellis picked up the shell at a small museum and was amazed.
      I wish I went to the beach more often…the ocean breeze and smell are refreshing. Just like you, I would be freezing! I have different kinds of jackets in my car to wear in light wind, medium wind, air conditioner, etc. I do the same for my kids and my car is messy indeed.
      Thank you for commenting and I hope you have a great rest of the week. 🙂


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