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FOTD: Dandelion growth stages. May 21, 2020

On a recent nature walk with my kids, I noticed a few dandelions in different growth states! This was the first time I mentally put together its life cycle. It’s probably my skepticism that a flower could drastically transform from one state to a totally different one.

Funny…how I didn’t differentiate the yellow dandelion flower to a seeding dandelion. Like Homer Simpson slapping his forehead, “D’oh!” All this extra time from sheltering in place makes you question random things.

I’m especially happy with this discovery because it’ll be our next science study. It involves the outdoors and learning about something they see frequently. Also, I don’t have to wonder about which topic to cover next. 

It’ll probably include another nature walk searching for different stages of dandelions, researching its usefulness for health and food, illustrating, watching YouTube videos, etc. Cool! One less stress for homeschooling.

If you’re out talking a walk, take a closer look at them.

Thanks Cee for hosting the flower challenge! Through this, I’m learning details about different kinds of flowers and meeting new blogging friends. Win win!

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    1. They’re pretty pests! I’ve heard that they grow everywhere and are hard to get rid of. There’s a whole sleuth of uses for dandelions in food and medicine. Maybe your chef son uses them in his dishes!
      If you check out YouTube, there’s a bunch of videos on how to safely forage them in the wild.
      Have a great weekend!

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  1. It is amazing isn’t it. I took some photos of spent dandelions to use in an upcoming post – a whole large area of the tall fuzzy ones, just incredible to see them like that.


    1. Hey Linda! Dandelions are pretty amazing in their growth cycle and beauty. I always thought the reverse: fuzzy first and then the yellow flower.
      Look forward to seeing your photos of fuzzy dandelions! It would be amazing to find them together in a large area.

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