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Herbs don’t hate me anymore. Showing growth after minor changes.

About a week ago, I published a blog post about my herbs hating me. They were doing so well in their starter pots that it was time to transplant them to regular pots.

Once in their new pots, they began to wither and look very weak. Stems dried out and they were barely rooted in the dirt.

What it looked like after transplanting. Not in good shape.

My last attempt, before replacing the pot with artificial succulents, was add more seeds. I didn’t have the patience to start with a starter pot and peet soil, so I asked Elliot if he wanted to do it.

Hmmmm…he’s a willing helper and I know he means well, but in the process he over-tipped the whole seed packet into the soil for both basil and parsley. We decided to leave it that way and wished for the best. This was going to be a hit or miss experiment, so we kept our expectations low.

With the overabundance of seeds, we wondered if the next morning the herbs would be lushly growing and cascading down the wall. (none of these happened)

It’s been about 5 days and the new seeds have done wonders. Maybe I needed to add more seeds in the transplanting process. oyyyy. I usually wing this kind of stuff and figure I’ll learn what to do next time. So far, I’ve learned to water them sparingly (the soil gets too soggy), raise the pots on one side to let water drain, and place by windowsill for sunshine and air.

A few days after accidentally dumping a whole bunch of seeds. Could that have been the problem? Not enough seeds?

My gardening journey continues each year and it’s a slow one. It’ll be a gardening success when we can actually taste some of these herbs or add to our cooking. 🙂

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      1. It’s a lot of work to grow from seed. Results can vary and some lag, as you can see from my experience. Lol
        Garden when you have the energy and time. It’s a lot of work bending and squatting and that might not be good for your headaches.

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      1. I have a pink Bougainvillea (since I liked yours so much), two red geraniums and a hanging petunia in a planter. I ordered these from Amazon – the last time I bought them and “planted” them in planters, pots, a wheelbarrow and a pair of ceramic green Wellies gardening boots. See if you can open this link Esther. I created it to show what the house/side garden looked like before and after:


      2. I did check out shutterfly and you made a lot of great changes! My goodness, that is a lot of mulch. I hope you had someone move that for you.
        The Precious Moment figurines are exactly that, precious. So cute. I have 2 of them too: a girl with a puppy and a boy holding a duck.
        You got the pink Bougainvillea?? It’s such a pretty flower and they get really bushy and tall later. Oh yay! I’m happy that you liked it so much.
        No wonder you’ve been tired from working outside. It’s a work out tending to the garden. But it looks beautiful!

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      3. Thanks Esther – glad you could open the link … I sent it to myself and lifted the link that way. It was 26 bags. I ordered 25 but he loaded 26 by accident. I did it all myself and I felt like I could not move, or bend for a few days. Yes, I liked the Bougainvillea you had … everything is silk but the Snow-in-the-Mountain which has crept over from my neighbor’s yard.


      4. I think that link worked Esther … anyway, it is all silk flowers, except the white-and-green Snow in the Mountain and the pink weed. I pulled the weed out, but that is why the hummingbird was outside my door – he was sipping nectar from the pink weed. The next time I get silk flowers, I will get them from Michaels I think. And if you “plant” them, be sure to weigh them down so they don’t blow away in high winds.


      5. I love Michaels store! They make it better with the 40% off coupons and just aisles of fun things. When I go there, I need to remind myself to stick to the shopping list (Which I rarely do), because all of a sudden I feel I need to craft everything. oyyyyy, my craft cabinet has been downsized due to lack of space. Kid’s games are taking over. oh well…
        That’s right. You would need to weigh them down if you plant them outside. Good to know. Thanks!

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      6. I went on an event at one of the metroparks last year called “Sketch and Walk” – I had taken a charcoal sketching class way back in my teens and was looking forward to it. The anticipation was better than the event as it was not a real sketching class, we just stopped at trees and sketched weeds with no direction. Well, the weather forecasters all called for a snowy and brutally cold Winter for 2019-2020 and so I bought a few more sketchbooks (one was not enough, i.e. the one I bought for the event) and some charcoal pencils and accessories and even a couple of drawing books on woodland animals. We had a wonderful Winter, very mild, very little snow (wrong ahead but it was okay) … ask me if I have looked at those items yet? My original plan was wait til retirement, but no … I decided I had to do this. Yes, the weighting makes them worry free, just “plant” and forget.


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