8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: July 22, 2020

    • Thank you! I’m glad you thought the picture was cute and poignant.
      I’ve been preparing myself emotionally for months. We’re part of a 4 Korean ladies’ group and we shared so much of our lives together. 3 of us are here though, so we’ll still continue meeting up. Memories made are better than having none. Life is challenging!

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      • Yes I did – it is sad to lose friends. I had five close friends the last few years in high school. We were inseparable and went our separate ways after high school. Things were different then – no cellphones or social media which would have kept us in touch better. Three of us went to college, one to secretarial/business school and two got office jobs requiring no office experience. We got together that Christmas and exchanged small gifts, ordered pizza and chatted about our lives, but we had already strayed too far from our former life. One girl got married and we all went to the wedding and then had two kids fairly close in age. We got together for a five-year reunion, recreating what we often did in high school on a Friday or Saturday night … a movie and dinner afterward at Big Boy’s Restaurant. We went out for Chinese food but saw a movie, but the magic of our relationship was gone. I never saw any of them after that evening – one girl has passed away from ovarian cancer. She moved to Texas and I was closest to her. I’ve not gone to any of my high school reunions. I was only close with those girls – we had 613 in our graduating class and of all those people, I was really only friendly with about 20 of them, if that many. I made some nice friends at community college as we were on the newspaper staff and I was in student government, but we/they moved on and never saw them either. Even coworkers were in the past – nothing in common anymore. Oh well – I hope you can get together through Zoom so the four of you can enjoy laughs and conversation again.


      • Isn’t it sad to lose that close connection with old friends?! I hear you. I can imagine your disappointment in realizing that you and your good friends are in different life seasons and didn’t have much in common anymore. Drifting apart is one of my fears, because making and keeping friends is hard business.
        I think our group will stay intact! We’ve been through many years together and I’ll be praying that we will all thrive in our own spaces.

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      • I hope you do stay together as a group, even if apart and you likely will as you are more mature. We were fresh out of high school and quickly drifted apart as we pursued different interests. It was sad that we could not fill an evening with conversation, just six months after graduation and even worse at our five-year reunion … the reunion was just the six of us, so a real disappointment. And your group has social media to keep in touch – had we had that or cellphones to keep it touch rather than a house phone at our respective parents’ houses, it would have been very different I am sure.


      • Friendships are hard to build, develop, and maintain. Oh boy, it must’ve been disappointing to realize that you guys had drifted apart. Memories make it hard to let go.
        Social media does make it easier to connect, but it also has its weaknesses. Connection can be shallow and impersonal cause everyone is so busy with their lives.

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      • Yes, it was – the six of us spending so much time together and three of us were named “Linda” which was kind of funny. And one girl had two kids – went to see her in the hospital as my mom knit a baby outfit for her. We visited a little, but the ties that bound us so closely just were gone. I got involved with the student newspaper and student government when I went to community college right after high school, plus with working, I was pretty busy so lost touch with them. One went to pharmacy school about 200 miles away. She used to call me once a week when she first got there – she was lonely and knew no one there. It was the only school with a pharmacy program. Then she got acclimated to school, met friends and no more phonecalls – we saw each other at Christmas. Her name was Sheila. The following Summer, during school break, Sheila’s room mate came from Texas. Her family owned a company and needed Summer help, so Sheila went to Texas to stay there all Summer and work in a factory job where she could do better than her waitressing job at Big Boy. She met someone there. She ended up marrying him and they lived in Texas. She is the one who died of ovarian cancer. Her husband died of cancer earlier that year. I found that out as a girl from the bus was her neighbor growing up and she told me. I had no way to get in touch with the others – so I don’t know if they know (or even cared). The ones I was closest to were the one who married and had the baby and Sheila.


      • Linda was a popular name for your generation! Half of your close friends had your name. It must’ve been sad to hear of your friend who died from ovarian cancer. Some people are lucky to survive after treatment, but in some cases the disease has gone too far. “C” word is the dreaded word to hear from a doctor.
        I found out that some people I knew in high school and college had passed. It was shocking to hear because these people stayed in my mind as young. This is a natural part of life but hard to accept.


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