Flower of the Day: July 27, 2020.

I finally dusted off the cobweb from Chris’ DSLR camera and opened up its pocket-size manual. It’s not my thing to read instructions, but there’s too many dials and numbers that make no sense to me. That was yesterday and I already accidentally pushed it into a bowl of noodles. ugh…blame it on not wearing my glasses.

My goodness, all this stuff about shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc. I’ll have to divvy it up into sections; my first subject is aperture. The manual explained that if I set the aperture, the camera will automatically determine the shutter speed and vice versa.

Ok, so I start learning and experimenting with different aperture. You could say I went a bit overboard: I took over 600 pictures of flowers, kid-made dinosaur land, and kids experimenting with light.

So here’s one of my flower pictures from those 600 pictures.

This entry is for Cee’s FOTD challenge. Thanks for hosting and have a great start to a new week.

13 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: July 27, 2020.

  1. Very pretty flower! I only have my phone camera, and would be completely lost trying to figure out what a real camera could do. Wishing you fun trying it all out. 🙂


    • Thank you so much! I found the flower by our house and I was squatting on the ground taking these pictures. Got cramps for the minutes spent in that weird position taking the same photo in different apertures. In some of them, I only got a blank picture…too much light.
      I mainly use my phone camera too! They have great features and photos turn out so well. But I have this big camera sitting unused, so what the heck!
      I hope you get a chance to experiment too!
      Thank you for visiting and have a great Tuesday.

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    • Love using “auto” for photos but I am curious how to use those settings. It’ll be amazing to understand what all those symbols mean. Do you have a particular aperture that you think work well? (Does that even make sense?) yikes, still learning here


  2. This is a nice picture Esther – so you did better than me when I tried to get creative. Try going on YouTube for tutorials – just search for your camera model number. I did that as I’m not a “read-the-manual-kinda-gal” either. I aim to learn one day, but I shoot everything on automatic.


    • I think your photos are creative and interesting too!! But I appreciate your kind feedback. 🙂 Affirmation does wonderful things for the soul.
      I am not an instruction person…it all gets jumbled up in my mind. I lean towards trial and error: not the most efficient way but it helps understand better.
      I’ll check out the YouTube tutorials; I’m sure they’re helpful. I was checking out other cameras to buy on YouTube until I realized that I’ll still have to read the manual for those too. lol.
      My backup is still automatic, but I’m seeing what different different apertures make for pictures.
      Hope you are having a good Tuesday!

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      • I spent an entire day of Memorial Day long weekend 2019 studying the manual for the DSLR (plus the “Canon EOS Rebel T6 for Dummies”) and then had too much crammed into my head, got to the Park and promptly forgot a lot of what I read. I have to understand it better to apply it I think.


      • I like those “dummy” books. Cleverly titled books.
        It’s too much information for one time. Maybe read one chapter and apply that on your walks. It’s not going to be an accelerated pace, but better to go slow and store it into long-term memory. I imagine it’ll be a long learning process for me.

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      • It will be a long learning process for me too. I crammed too much info into my head and forgot it all. It never makes sense to me that to lighten up the photo and let more light in, then the setting is lower … seems counter-intuitive to me. I took some photos that day – nothing important because I would have switched to automatic then. But all the pictures I took at the Park were too dark – you could not see the subject. Dummy books are great – but even he dummy book was too much info!


      • That’s the same part that confused me. Higher the aperture, smaller the lens opening. If you are a veteran photographer, I’m sure it’s a natural thing you can do without thinking about it.
        I hesitate with auto because my pictures come out too dark as well. I think this is when you use lower aperture and the shutter speed will adjust for you.
        lol…your comment about Dummy books is hilarious.


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