City Sonnet: Goodbye July, 2020

July was a mellow month with hours upon hours staying at home and trying to enjoy each other’s company. It’s been a mixture of squabbles, boredom, decluttering, spontaneous fun, too much video games/Lego, and growing.
This particular day he continued complaining that sister gets more of my attention on a regular basis and is “too connected” with me. A piggyback ride like old times greatly improved his mood.
This selfie is a reminder of our favorite pastime when I would carry/ hold him in the Ergo baby carrier. My back was not happy however.

Thank you Citysonnet for hosting this challenge! Have a great start to August 2020. Stay safe and well.

10 thoughts on “City Sonnet: Goodbye July, 2020

    • What keen observation! I didn’t realize it had some resemblance to the profile pic.
      My back is doing good mostly. I had a bad knee issue that radiated all through my hips and back earlier this year. After that I’m more conscious of how I treat my back and legs. I’m also trying to improve my posture and to stand better.
      Have a great start to a new week!

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  1. I can’t believe July is over, Esther! It’s the 3rd day of August already. I’m planning on going to Oregon to see my granddaughters on August 21. My daughter will self-quarantine for 14 days before my arrival, and I’ll do the same. That means I won’t be going out after Friday. I’m looking forward to my trip.


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