Six Word Saturday: What do you think lives inside?

A slow rattling sound could be heard behind the green part of this rock wall. Whatever it was, I told them to step away. What if a snake poked his head out? No Thanks!
Still wondering about that sound. Ellis is not taking any chances…stands behind brother.

Thanks Debbie for hosting this challenge!

35 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: What do you think lives inside?

  1. I love how Ellis is standing looking over shoulder. ‘Dude you go first…..c’mon… are older it is your job to go first…..closer…..and then shriek in ear as something looks out. Or not. He he he he I had a younger brother torment went both ways. πŸ™‚ Have a great day.


    • Sibling dynamics are interesting! Even if it’s nothing, she may scream and he will scream and wonder why they’re screaming in the first place. I can just imagine it. Then a few minutes later act like nothing happened and their best friends again. I grew up as an only child so observing these dynamics is eye opening to this “love/hate relationship.”
      Hahahah, how funny. Siblings challenge you to become stronger and develop thick skin.
      Hope you, Tember, and the kitty (was his name Thomas?) are having a good weekend!!
      Love it when you stop by and say hello.


    • Agree. Not necessary to do a closer check of what’s making that sound and get hurt in the process. I wouldn’t know what to do and that’s terrible in those situations.
      In the great outdoors, the dry leaves rustling and shifting on the ground or around trees can be a big, maybe unwanted, surprise too.

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