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Hairspray the puffy part of the Dandelion

We picked two fuzzy dandelion heads to try our experiment. As is usual with dandelion puffs, any movement blew away the little florets. And I just learned that a seed can travel up to five miles and the part that blows away is called parachutes; a descriptive and suitable name.

Kids walked carefully shielding the puff with their free hand. Once outside our home, we hair sprayed a dandelion puff to see if it would keep its form. It did! A few days later, only the stem withered but the hair sprayed part remained the same.

Comparing the 2. As I’m looking at the picture now, I don’t remember the control dandelion puff being so squished at the time (honest: did not do that on purpose to show a vast difference). Anyways, you can see the one of the right holding its shape from the hair spray.

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    1. It was a simple experiment but fun for all of us. Just spray and scream with surprise that it worked. lol Dandelions are hardy flowers/ weeds! They’re pretty as the yellow flowers and the puffs seem like a throwback into time.
      I hope those flowers stick around and brighten up the park!

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      1. I always like dandelions Esther … in a four-season state, after a long Winter and cold Spring (and sometimes still snowy), it is nice to see bright colors on the still-drab grass.


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