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Update of egg floating experiment from previous post

The egg in our science experiment from 8 weeks ago still floated inside the glass of dissolved salt water. However, the layer of salt crystals on top of the egg became thicker even 3 weeks after I wrote that post.

I mentioned that I would crack the egg when more of the water evaporated (I should have measured the difference to have specific data though; even measuring the difference of the evaporation levels would’ve been a good lesson). Next time!

I carefully moved the thick but crumbly crust of salt onto the counter and cracked the egg in the sink. The egg white, thick and gooey, slowly spilled out where the crack was made. I guessed that maybe the yolk would be black or have turned into a moldy green color. But it was a fascinating finding!

The yolk formed into a squishy round shape and it held its shape even after a poke. My hypothesis is that the egg absorbed the salt slowly through its shell. I need to check with Chris, our science guy at home, but I’ll just trust my guts and post anyway!

If you have a hypothesis to share, please do! Will be interesting to see what ideas you come up with.

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    1. Thank you Miriam! It is a easy and fun experiment to do that has surprising results.
      One of my friends did mention that her husband once tried an egg that old and when she was offered some, she declined. I checked out the link you suggested and that’s so wild! Chemical reaction on the egg…people are brilliant.
      Thank you for sharing your knowledge about that. Love to learn new things.
      Hope you are having a good Sunday and staying well!


  1. The yolk looks beautiful. You’ve accidentally ‘discovered’ the process of making salted eggs yolks – like the ones found in Chinese mooncakes and sticky rice dumplings (nor mai gai or bak chang) Some people love the intensely rich flavor of the yolk. This link tells you how to make Salted Eggs and you’ll see your process is almost the same. The only differences being 1) adding wine for flavor and 2) total submersion in the brine.


    1. Wow! I had no idea it was edible. It looked so shiny and pretty when the egg was cracked. Somehow the salt had solidified the yolk.
      I agree that this was accidental “discovery.” I hope I have more of these instances going forward with science experiments. lol
      Take care and thank you for sharing the link with me!


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