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Feeding the busy builder birds, at least trying to

Few years ago, one of our windows was thoroughly streaked with bird poop: only that window. Turns out it was a bird who converted the overhang into its own cozy condo. I called a local office (can’t recall the specific place) to have someone remove the nest, but I was advised to leave it undisturbed till the nest was abandoned. Dismantling the nest was illegal.

It stayed and they continued to leave daily presents for us on, under, and around the window.

So it wasn’t a surprise when recently we noticed berserk activity from a group of random birds; zipping from tree to tree. They weren’t a flock: it was just arbitrary flying around of different sized birds. When they were camouflaged inside the tree branches, we could hear little “beep” sounds, similar to a home smoke alarm that is low on battery. They’re probably building nests for spring hatching. Hopefully the nests will be built only in trees and not in the previous condo space above our window.

Hypothesis: birds are building nests for the winter; they will lay eggs soon

When we discovered small v-shaped nests in several trees, we wanted to feed them, especially during this busy building season. A quick search about healthful foods for birds explained that bananas are beneficial to birds’ healths. Perfect for using up bananas that are starting to brown.

I chopped up 2 bananas into pieces and strung it through the middle (I cored it with a small straw) with twine. Ellis crushed up nuts using a mortar and pestle, which she sprinkled over the banana. 

Strung pieces of banana through twine to hang on the tree branches
Lots of birds flying around this particular tree. We were certain the birds or squirrels would eat this nuts-banana treat, but when we checked the next day, it was untouched. We removed this treat after 2 days and put it out for the neighborhood squirrels.
A potential spot to leave our treat. When we saw the nest, we agreed to hang it on this tree. You can see the nest higher above the blue circle. The banana treat is circled in blue. I overestimated my height and underestimated the tree’s height.
Day 2 of checking on this banana treat. It was half-eaten.
Day 3. Safe to say the bird/s loved our treat. All eaten.

We enjoyed the process since we could follow up and see whether a bird had eaten the treat. It wasn’t easy going unnoticed by the birds with all the crunchy leaves littered on the ground. Although it would’ve been delightful to see the birds eating while we looked, it wasn’t going to happen with 3 pairs of eager eyes staring at them.

Conclusion: one treat by a nest was consumed. The others were pulled off the tree branches and given to squirrels. At least the leftover was consumed by a happy squirrel. Yay, we all win!

This picture was posted yesterday for “Silent Sunday” before I realized I would write a post about it.  That’s the context of this picture; kids perched on the rails calling birds, squirrels, any critter would do, to come and eat the banana treats.

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  1. That’s interesting Esther and I didn’t know you were not allowed to remove a bird’s nest until they abandon it. In the past I have evicted robins from the elbow of my front porch light where they insist on building a nest and very quickly and with lots of mud I might add. I knocked it down before eggs are laid in any case. I also didn’t know birds liked bananas (nor squirrels for that matter). What a good idea this was for you, the kids and the critters.


  2. I didn’t know birds eat bananas. We have a night camera. My husband could record what goes on at night. Most of the birds have gone south and I don’t see too many birds around.


    1. Google search results give you many ideas for what birds can eat. We learned that bread is junk food for them and can get them sick. They prefer oats, nuts, rice, some fruits…Amazing the amount of information you find on Google. Kind of overwhelming, but very useful!


    1. That is very sweet! What’s good for humans is good for some animals too. I haven’t been so lucky as to see them eat the banana. These birds are still very busy and we see newly built nests here and there. One high up in a large tree was a mansion.
      I hope you are having a merry Christmas and a joyful winter season!! It’s been a tough year, but this blogging community has lifted my spirits up tremendously. Thank you for your encouragement always!! God bless.

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      1. It is and seeing him do this made me appreciate humanity even more. I see. Maybe one day, you’ll actually see them!

        I actually don’t celebrate the holidays, but I hope you had a good one. I’m so happy that I’ve come to know you, Esther! You’re truly a wonderful person inside-out! You’re welcome, thank you, and may the peace of our God reign over your heart.


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