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Bible reflections on 1 Samuel, chapter 8: 1-9; Israel wants a king


I’ve finally decided to challenge myself to creating a new category on my blog, which is something I’ve wanted to do for over a year. It’s a Bible journal category: I plan to write about my insights, questions, or understandings of what I glean from my Bible readings.

Even though I frequently write about God and my faith journey I haven’t done any posts that directly focuses on a Bible character or verses. My insecurity and feeling like an imposter held me back.

But time’s passing and I haven’t done anything about this yet; for goodness sake it’s mid May already! So here I go with my limited knowledge of Bible history; if you see something off about historical facts or context, please let me know.

I hope we can learn together through this quest and be encouraged that God is bigger than our problems and has good plans for each of us!

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Along the long line of judges like Gideon, Samuel, Deborah, among others, Samuel was Israel’s last judge. When he got old, he appointed his two sons to replace him but the elders of Israel disapproved. The sons did not have the same morals and integrity like their father Samuel.

Instead, they wanted Samuel to ask God to give them a king “judge us like all the other nations have.” (v. 4). Samuel thought it was a horrible and disloyal request, but he still brought the issue to God for “guidance” (v. 6).

God prefaces his response to Samuel’s request saying the Israelites have continually abandoned Him even though God powerfully rescued them from Egyptian slavery and have turned to worshipping idols. God replies “Do everything they say to you…for they are rejecting me, not you. They don’t want me to be their king any longer.” (I Samuel 8:7).

In verse 9, God says to Samuel, “Do as they ask, but solemnly warn them about the way a king will reign over them.”

God’s temperament is not what you would expect from a humanly perspective. He first tells Samuel that this is about the people’s relationship with Him and not about Samuel’s leadership. God clears up any misunderstanding that Samuel may have had that the people were rejecting him as their current judge.

From a humanly perspective, this kind of request the current king, but God doesn’t get enraged or go into a long diatribe of self pity. He tells Samuel to give the people what they want but first they should be warned of how their lives would change with an earthly king and what the king will demand from his subjects.

I hope you found this post enjoyable and helpful in your Bible readings. I’ll continue to build upon this study of 1 Samuel 8 and beyond into the kingship of Saul. I’m using the New Living Translation version (NLT).

Thanks everyone for stopping by and if you have any ideas on how I could improve future posts, please let me know. Have a great start to Tuesday!

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  1. Since God is personal to each of us we receive different “takes” from his word even though he never changes. I like your photos and style of writing. Clear and clean.

    As our King, God demands holiness and obedience–that we intend to be so. Of course we cannot, but by his Spirit working in us daily.

    As I read your final comment on a King’s demand on his subjects, I was reminded of Jesus telling his disciples to “count the cost” of discipleship in Luke 14:25-33. He is my King and my friend.

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    1. Hi Arnold, thank you so much for your kind words and support! I really appreciate your positive comment since this was my first Bible post. I’m happy you stopped by.
      You make a great point that our Bible readings speak to us personally. Isn’t it amazing how God uses his words to speak to us just when we need it?!
      God is a good God and friend. Have a great weekend and take care. πŸ™‚


      1. Hi Esther- Good job! it appears your approached your bible post with,
        “The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the LORD hath made even both of them.”
        That’s personal!


      1. Blogging is fun – we have to support each other, that’s for sure. You have a good weekend too Esther. Friday is the only night I watch TV (stream on Amazon) … that will make be three days behind on Reader. Sigh.


    1. Thank you Diana for your encouragement and support about my new category!! I knew you’d like it and your blog has been an inspiration to step out and be bold about my faith.
      Hope all is well and you are staying healthy!

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      1. You’re welcome, my friend. We must never be afraid to share Him. To God be the glory for this inspiration. May He continue to guide you where this new bold step is concerned.

        I am well, just a little lazy to be honest with you. I trust that you and yours are also well. Here’s to a great new week ahead!


      2. I think it’s a COVID lock down side effect: lethargy and laziness. You are not alone! One step at a time, one day at a time. It’s hard to revert back to normalcy after being stuck at home for so long.
        Thank you for your encouragement! I’m taking it slow and am happy that I took the leap to begin. I hope you continue your Bible studies too. Take care and happy June!

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      3. It’s not quite like that. I should’ve explained better. I am getting many things done in all areas, except blogging, because I just don’t feel like blogging anymore (at times). That’s why it takes me forever to post or even to read and reply to posts. I hope to rectify that soon, though.

        You’re utmost welcome! It makes me happy to see you take this leap of faith (literally!). I’ll be doing just that on an entirely new blog devoted to Bible studies only.

        Thanks and same to you!

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      4. You are not alone! I felt that blogging conflict this year too. I had so many things to do and keeping up with a blog was hanging over my head. I think you mentioned taking a break from it last year too.
        I’m glad you didn’t though. You bring a friendly and personable vibe to the blogging sphere and I enjoy the short conversations we have. Blogging is nice for the people and their support.
        I hope your new Bible studies blog takes off soon. It must make God smile to know we are sharing his words with a larger audience.
        Have a wonderful weekend and take care! πŸ™‚

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