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Wordless Wednesday: June 30, 2021. Colorful fish

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Esther and I'm so happy you are here. My posts revolve around the beauty of nature, homeschooling adventures, Bible reading reflections, gardening feats, and life as a daydreamer and nature observer. Thank you for stopping by and hope you'll find some interesting posts to read!

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    1. hahahaha, your comment is hilarious! That Jawfish is actually on the lower end of the price spectrum; other salt water fish are up to 300. It’s an expensive hobby and the cost of replacing a fish is high. I’ll stick with the freshwater tank; much much friendlier on the wallet.
      I’m not sure if it’s a crayfish or baby lobster; assumed it was a lobster. Isn’t the color vibrant?!

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      1. Oh for goodness sake – that is low end? And it wasn’t even pretty! I had no idea – it’s be devastating if they died for goodness sake. Does a vet treat a tropical fish if its looking/feeling poorly? When I was a kid in Canada, all the neighborhood kids went to one pal’s house. His father had aquariums with piranha fish and he’d feed them raw hamburger and that was a big deal to watch back then. The color was really vibrant – I think a lobster too but I didn’t know how close you were to it, that it was just a crayfish that looked big.


    1. I saw the news too and the picture freaked me out! You expect goldfish to be petite but seeing one that large with its belly about to burst is a shocker. Thank you sharing the link with me!
      If there’s no other way to rehome the fish, there’s humane ways to get rid of them. But I think that’s too traumatizing…
      It’s been about 3 years since we learned that you can’t let fish or amphibians into lakes or creeks. That’s when we got the frogs and they pooped so much that I wanted to release them. But the frogs were an invasive species that would eat the native fish. I was so disappointed. We eventually ended up loving the frogs though.

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      1. I agree and I was shocked as well … you’re so busy, I didn’t know if you’ve seen it. We have invasive Carp here that they have tried to keep from our Michigan waters as they eat the smaller fish. It’s a real problem.


      2. Goldfish of that size are just unnatural and freakish! Since I read lots of news about animals, my news feed keeps me informed.
        I didn’t know how much damage invasive fish cause to the local fish. It’s a wise thing to not add new species to an already established ecosystem. There’s information online about humane euthanizing if rehoming fish is not a possibility.


      3. I really like and follow them on Twitter. It’s all about brown bears in Alaska fishing for salmon lately. Lots of little videos, but if you’re not on Twitter, go to their site and you can pick what video to watch according to your interest. People around here got rid of a boa constrictor recently and someone found it … what gets into people anyway?


      4. I have no idea what goes through people’s mind when they do those things!! As for the boa constrictor, they must’ve wanted to give everyone a fright. I’m sure there is a snake sanctuary they could have taken it to.
        The goldfish picture is popping up on my news feed often. It looks like it’s going to pop. Yesterday there was news about endangered owls in Washington that were getting threatened by barred owls. Wildlife experts and others have been shooting down the aggressive barred owls to protect the endangered spotted owls. Who knew the animal world was so fraught with issues and difficult decisions?
        I’ll check out Thanks for sharing the info.
        Guess what?? Jurassic park Drive-thru expo is coming to San Jose in August. Am planning on making it into a family outing.

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      5. Me neither – people are cruel and take their aggressions out on people and creatures who are defenseless. Makes them big (in their eyes only). You’d think they could just use a tranquilizer gun and put them somewhere else – maybe a nature facility? is great right now with the bear cams – all the brown bears in Alaska are enjoying the salmon run and catching the salmon with their bare (or would it be bear) paws. 🙂 That’s great Jurassic Park is coming – hope you can get tickets and that’s a great outing for the family. It was such a hit here and people raved about it. Is it a surprise or do the kids know? They’ll be excited!


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