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Staying focused this Christmas

I missed writing on my blog this past week! It was one of those weeks: hectic, full, overstretched, fun but exhausting too. Days blended into one big glob as homeschooling wound down this semester, holding down the fort while Chris traveled for work, getting floors replaced from a water leak that started this summer, still wrapping up all the loose ends of this year, online Christmas shopping, and through it all not getting caught up with the “imaginary” list of things I should be doing instead.

I wish I could be out with the kids enjoying Christmas lights and festivities; my mind colors these experiences in surreal colors and images. But the reality is that I’m tired, Chris is up to his eyeballs with work, and Covid is still around. For example, I looked up fun things to do with kids near me. The new Omicron variant makes these outings harder but my imagination leaps beyond these restraints.

A top suggestion was to take the kids out to a tree farm to choose and cut your own Christmas tree. Wow, what a fantastic memory maker that experience would be. I wasn’t even aware this was a possibility in CA. I could already smell fresh evergreens, feel the brisk air, touch the texture of the leaves, look at the rows of trees, drink hot chocolate, etc.

But in all seriousness, how likely are we to drive 90 minutes to do this? I also doubt anyone will agree to it. We’ll probably have one or more throwing up episodes from Ellis and all eyes will turn on me for suggesting this stressful outing. Kids probably complaining of the cold, long drive to and fro, boredom, hunger, car sickness. We couldn’t even make it to a recent holiday gathering with friends because of Covid fears and Ellis surprising us with a sudden throw up that worried us about another vomiting episode. It’s wild how the mind paints a picture of its own fancies. Such vanity!

Imagination of what it could be like breeds discontent in my heart.

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Instead I want to recognize the many blessings I already have and they are so much. In the spirit of something different, we got 2 mini Christmas trees from Target and put up lights around the house. The glow creates a warm and wintry ambience. Last but not least, we celebrate Christmas as celebration of Jesus’ birth! How the most important reason and person get overshadowed by worldly expectations.

 “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Wishing you happiness.”

– Helen Keller

Thank you everyone for stopping by. Have a wonderful week leading up to Christmas and stay safe.

Peace and Blessings. Esther

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  1. It really does sound like it’s a hectic and exhausting time for you. Sometimes many things creep up on you just like that. Lovely to hear you recognise your blessings. I think all of us have our blessings, just that we have to slow down and see what we’ve got, and appreciate what we have in the moment. Hope every thing that you ordered online for Christmas comes soon. Most importantly, have a good time with your family. Wishing you well this season.

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    1. Thank you for your sweet message! I find it refreshing to write my experiences here and to have this blogging community.
      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and safe holidays. Take care and thanks again for stopping by!!


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