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A day late for Monochrome Monday: Christmas sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

“Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. ”

― Mary Ellen Chase

Something about cats and Christmas makes a cute combo, especially those plastered on the front of ugly Christmas sweaters. I tried getting the the whole family matching cat sweaters but it wasn’t meant to be. Finding the right sizes for each of us in one particular style was too time consuming, so I took it upon myself to get whatever I could post-Christmas sale 2020.

Elliot and I don cat sweaters except his plays a “meow” jingle tune if you press the kitty’s face. Ellis settled for the gnome sweater since we couldn’t find a kitty sweater in her size. Although Chris is not featured in this picture, he was coerced to promise us a wear of his very green chili pepper Christmas Sriracha sauce bottle, which is so random.

There’s a plethora of colorful choices and themes (funny, tacky, naughty, pun-rich (is that even a word?)) that you can get for under $20 at post-Christmas sales. Maybe when kids can safely use a glue gun without my assistance can we all create our own vision of fun Christmas sweaters. No pressure to make it attractive since it has to live up to its name, ugly Christmas sweater. I’m weird like this.

p.s. Part of this post was written yesterday which I didn’t get to finish till now. It was interesting to write periodically glancing at that posted photo (taken a week ago) when I was in my pj’s filling out insurance paperwork (that I’ve procrastinated till now) on a messy table, constantly checking on a new eczema rash on Elliot’s face, and telling the kids to turn the volume down of the Captain Underpants’ show. When Chris came home that evening, I didn’t need to say anything. One glance and I hear, “You look beat.” No kidding sir.

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    1. I tell myself so too. Just need to take the pressure off myself and take it easy. I think it needs to be a certain way and I get mad for not living up to them. I do it to myself.
      This is when I pray and ask God for help because I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the day. Amazing how God shows up and pulls me through. That’s our powerful God!

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