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Life principles, one chapter a day: Proverbs

Proverbs is one of my favorite books of the bible, which was written by the wisest king that lived, King Solomon. When God asked him what he wanted after he became king, King Solomon asked for the unexpected: not wealth, long life, or victories over enemies. Instead, he asked for wisdom to be able to lead God’s people well. This request pleased God and in addition to wisdom, he was given riches that he did not ask.

It’s a book of practical living advice for various aspects of life: relationship with God and people, money and debt, values to live by, things and destructive people to avoid, goals to pursue, ambitions, work ethic, and highlighting the significance of pursuing wisdom.

The book has 31 chapters, so you can read a chapter for each day of the month; except for February and those 30 day months. If you fall behind, it’s easy to get on track by reading the chapter of the month date. I’ve done this many, too many to count, over the years. I read diligently until Day 6 or so, taper off, and then pick up around the 23rd again.

Verses in this book guide me in many ways: appeasing my fears, trusting God to take control of life that is out of my hands, dealing with difficult people, and affirming ways of how I should live my life as Esther. Sometimes I can only do so much and let God do the rest.

King Solomon, the guy who had it all in terms of discernment, riches, knowledge, and worldly success says two things are the most important in life: fear God and love wisdom.

I hope you’ll take a look into the book of Proverbs and try reading a chapter a day. I started again and I’m telling myself to stay consistent: try to avoid tapering off after a week.

NLT: Tyndale Inspire Bible

Take care and have a fabulous mid week! Peace and blessings – Esther

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  1. We used to have these little glossy cards with proverbs on them – and it was a nice way to read some of them when the children were growing up.
    I like your suggestions to read one proverb book per day – the book can also be jumped around in so people can find many ways to enjoy it – but the timeless wisdom is powerful, eh?
    and side note – some of the proverbs I did not really “get” until I lived a few years – like how a contentious woman could be like a continuous drip – we once had an annoying drip from a gutter and I sat up one day and said, “I get what that proverb meant”
    and when we got it fixed I was so happy


    1. I feel the same way too. Some verses didn’t apply to me or went straight over my head. But now that I have some years of adult life experiences under my belt, they make sense.
      Proverbs has so much insight and advice on how to handle life’s challenges.
      I like your example! I hope you try a chapter a day, which I need to do more consistently.
      Have a good weekend and hope the weather warms up soon. 🙂

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  2. That was a peaceful picture and reminds me we have a way to go to achieve anything that resembles Spring. My grandmother bought me a family Bible a long time ago. I am the only one in the family, but it has lots of spaces for names and information about family members – it is beautiful. I need to read it – I have a smaller one I bought because the family Bible is heavy and awkward – I like your suggestion of daily reading.

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    1. I am waiting for spring too. It’s a weird in- between season now feels like we’re all ready to move onto a new season.
      Family bibles are very special but most of them are heavy! That’s the thing about being the only child and not having a bunch of names to write.
      Somehow a couple of my mom’s Korean Bible ended up in my library and I love to see her handwriting and underlines in them. I hope you try the Proverbs reading plan. You’ll find so much insight and truth from those chapters. I had to replace my everyday bible recently, because pages were ripped out, coffee stains, and scribbles from when Ellis was tiny. I’ll forever cherish it still but not very useful. lol
      If you do start reading let me know. I’ll cheer you on!!

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      1. When I got that family Bible, I told my mom I was going to save it and got a cover for it and put it in a safe place … her answer was “that’s not what Bibles are for Linda.” So I got another one to preserve that one. I have a small prayer book that belonged to my mom when she made her First Communion many years ago. She went into the hospital at 11 (1937), so that prayer book is almost 90 years old. She wrote her name and address in it and has some bookmarks in it. The spine is loose from the binding though, but otherwise in good shape. I will let you know – I really should do a daily devotional besides my prayers.


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