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FOTD: Butcher’s Broom

These stems are called Butcher’s Broom; an evergreen shrub with thick, hardy, and pointy leaves. A closer look at the leaves will reveal a string-y like sprout growing from its center. From it a red berry will eventually grow, not edible for humans and used mainly for decorative purposes. You could find out more about this awesome plant here.

Its name originated in the 1600s in Western Europe where butchers took a bundle of these to clean butcher boards. In some cultures, the roots and shoots are consumed and dried roots are used to treat poor blood circulation and other ailments.

This is only my paranoia speaking, but please do not consume anything in the wild without proper research or professional knowledge. Having small children makes you nuts about safety for everything and I want all of us to stay safe, informed, and well!!

Thank you Cee for hosting this FOTD, and thank you readers for visiting my blog today. Have a safe and wonderful start to a new week.

Much peace and blessings…Esther

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