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FOTD: 3-26-’22. Fragrant flowers and eyes all mended

These fragrant flowers next to where I parked were a perfect start to my doctor’s appointment outing with the kids. It was a warm afternoon and we got a corner parking spot next to a large towering tree and beside this charming shrub. Kiddos were not an enthusiastic duo but it helped they had their ice cold water bottles, jelly snacks, and video game tablets. On the way, they asked a plethora of questions: how long do they have to wait, who’s going to be there, where will they wait, what will they do, where will I be, etc.; I was answering logistical questions all morning.

I had latent worries about my eyes but I felt hopeful that things were going to work out well.

The hectic nature of it all must’ve made me absent minded because my wallet was missing in my bag. I assumed I left it on the kitchen table, but when I couldn’t find it at home later, I almost drove back to the doctor’s office. Before gathering the duo together to drive back to the doctor’s office, I put on my glasses determined to check every nook and cranny. My deep search led me to it: it was wedged between the driver’s side seat and the floor; the black carpet camouflaged it. Lifting up the hand rest up and down pressed the pump of the hand sanitizer on the shift gear. This all occurred with my eyes dilated and me wearing the temporary dark film spectacles from the doctor’s office. Big, big sighs…over inhalation of sanitizing smells. Good times.

Despite all this hubbub, the great news is that my eyes have mended!! The holes have healed themselves in the past 2 months. So grateful! Thankfully, the warmness of the afternoon sun and light breeze and walking around together brought smiles to all of us. It was simple but pleasant to be together.

Cee, thank you for hosting this challenge and giving us flower enthusiasts a place to share our finds! Thank you readers for stopping by and have a blessed and bright weekend. – Esther

daisy photobomb

“Look at a tree, a flower, a plant. Let your awareness rest upon it. How still they are, how deeply rooted in ‘just being’. Allow nature to teach you stillness. When you look at a tree and perceive its stillness, you become still yourself.”

― Eckhart Tolle

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    1. Got to take care of what I have and running well! I used to take things for granted when I was younger but now that middle age is here, I’m grateful for what works. Different life seasons brings different challenges. God help us all!


  1. I’m so glad to hear about your eyes’ healing. I imagine your stress level may have declined a good bit — eye problems are a concern for us all.


    1. Thank you Linda! It’s been a crazy few months with my eyes but I’m super grateful that my eyes have mended themselves on its own. Isn’t the body amazing at its ability to heal?!
      I’m glad you like the post. 🙂

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      1. That is amazing – what a test of your courage and patience but you triumphed in the end and I didn’t realize the body could heal itself as to eyes … a cut or bruise healing is one thing, but this is totally different. Do you have certain precautions to follow going forward Esther?

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