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“Sparrow” by Cory Asbury and my day today

Our day’s mood can suddenly change within minutes. We’re fine now but this morning was a different story. Ellis woke up feeling sick and lethargic. The whole vigilance and latent panic set it for all of us. She wasn’t her usual goofy self and didn’t have an appetite. Instead of popping in and out of the kitchen asking what soup I’m going to make, she laid down on the stair’s landing and said her tummy hurt. It didn’t pass quickly and even my customized song and dance, aimed to make her smile, didn’t work.

I knew Elliot was worried about her too, because it’s unusual when he begins to cooperate with our sudden schedule changes with no protests.

Some time spent outside with the morning breeze and a piggy back ride around the playground seemed to help her soar tummy. Thankfully, she agreed to drink some water and drifted off to sleep. I ate her untouched toast and fell asleep next to her. When I woke up an hour later, I was the only one on the couch. Ellis had gotten up and was already playing games on her computer and getting trained by older brother, who seemed to show an unusual amount of “patience and kindness” to sister, for some dueling video game.

When she heard me sitting up, she danced over wiggling her hips and shaking her arms above her head. The goofy face she makes when she’s in a good mood was back. She announces, “I’m feeling much better now.” “That’s great. You’re back!” I replied.

Then I plopped over on the couch again. No schoolwork today guys and please someone bring me more coffee!

I wonder what God’s big picture is for our lives. I can plan, worry, arrange, try to control, micro manage my days, but those are all useless. I need to put my trust in God and trust in His great plan for each of us. Here’s a song I just heard on the radio that speaks to this so eloquently.

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Sparrows” by Cory Asbury.

The sparrow’s not worried about tomorrow, or the troubles to come
The lily’s not thinking about the seasons, the drought or the flood
A tree that’s planted by the water, isn’t phased by the fire
So why should I be?

’Cause You take good care of me
You take good care of me
You know what I need before I even ask a thing
You hold me in Your hands
With a kindness that never ends
I’m carried in Your love no matter
What the future brings
You take good care of me

His lyrics say it so well. God takes good care of me. Countless times I have experienced it. Today is not any different and I need to cast my cares on Him.

I hope you will also cast your cares on Jesus and let Him take care of you. Have a great weekend! – Esther

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  1. I am glad Ellis is feeling like her old self and Elliot’s more subdued personality when he knows things are not going 100% is a credit to this young man.


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