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FOTD: 5-7-’22. Carissa macrocarpa. Natal Plum

This sole white flower was peeking out of this evergreen shrub. It has a fragrant smell and its petals are perfectly shaped. Google lens identified it as Natal Plum flower. Soon bright red edible plums will grow. Its scientific name macrocarpa means “large fruit” and the fruit liquid has a milk texture.

This plant is native to Kenya and is known to make a good hedge shrub. I would be wary of picking off this plum and eating it but it’s nice to know how much of the fruits we see can be eaten raw, cooked, or made into jam. The poison level is low to humans and that could be due to the presence of latex (if you’re allergic to it).

Anyways, I’m looking forward to see how this group of shrubs grow over this season. It’s not on our street but close to our house, so we could check up on it often.

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Mother’s Day!!

Thank you Cee for hosting. Always fun to participate and to share my nature finds with other flower enthusiasts.

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  1. Wow – That’s a pretty plum tree – we have plum trees in our yard and they never look that hearty. The birds seem to like the plums though. Happy Mother’s Day to you – I hope your kids and hubby spoiled you for the day!

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      1. I follow a blogger in South Africa and they are also in drought and I’ve mentioned your drought conditions to her. Th other day she had a hibiscus in her post and said it was drought-tolerant and that surprised me.


      2. Thanks for the mention Linda! We have Hibiscus here too. Now that’s cool to know that that flower is drought-tolerant too. So many colorful and pretty flowers are hardy and withstand extreme heat.

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