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FOTD: May 17, ’22. Seaside Daisy

“Daisies are like sunshine to the ground.”

Drew Barrymore

BTW, I’ve been coerced to add this Haiku about daisies from Ellis. Please bear with us…Thanks. 🙂

Most daisies are white,
They get watered by the dogs
Still they smile with fun.

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      1. Ha ha! Hi Miss Ellis – did you know that people put dandelions in their salads and drink dandelion tea and wine? I’m glad I don’t because now I’m really grossed out!

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      1. Yes, up til just after midnight on Friday nite – grrrr. The stores sell them for Memorial Day which makes no sense to me. Our former governor, about 8-9 years ago allowed Michigan to have the big firecrackers. Before people had to travel to Ohio to get them at roadside stands. Now we can buy them at the grocery store – veterans with PTSD and dogs run away during the long holidays from the noise. They are ONLY supposed to use them the day before/of/after a long holiday and New Year’s Eve, but they use them anytime they want to including weeknights … just as soon as the sun goes down. They’re expensive too!


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