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RDP Wednesday: Toys

My kids and I are obsessed with cute plushies and toy figures. They all have history, memories, and special people related to them.

The madness began when they were young and began as a practical and consoling way to get through any sicknesses, doctor visits, ER trips, and hospital stays. They helped to console the sick child and the other child left at home; I guess it also lessened my unreasonable guilt for not being able to do more to prevent it (the mind gets irrational in these cases).

This may sound strange but it’s an intuitive way I’ve learned how to gage Ellis’ level of sickness. When she complains of a headache, vomits, or has stomach cramps, I say I’ll get her a toy, with that desperate look plastered over my face. If she gives me a weak nod yes, then I know it’s one that’ll pass soon. I am relieved. However, when that offer is rebuffed with a death stare, wave of her hand, or a moan, that means it’s more serious. All panic antenna go up in our home with everyone on the edge. If she gets one, he gets one too. Trying to be fair and lessen the resentment flare ups between siblings.

Navigating this process and trying to minimize future resentment keeps me on my toes. They can’t say I haven’t tried. I’ve learned how a sibling can get overlooked and feel neglected when the chronically ill child gets most of attention.

So you can imagine we are inundated with toys…each with a special memory of when they entered our homes. They are contained on shelfs, toy boxes, bedrooms, desks, pretty much anywhere a stuffies can fit. Love them all and love the people associated with them.

Our wonderful friends have also contributed to our stuffies madness! I’ve added some pictures of those special ones too. There’s much more, but these are only the recent ones. My photo storage is maxed out and Chris has backed them up in one of a hard drive thing-y.

McDonald Happy Meal toy after a long heart clinic appointment…5 years old. Although old, still rolling around in the car backseat.
Get Well bear and balloon sent from our bible study friends, October 2021. C, you are too funny to ask if Chris would mind another bear. He’s too used to it by now.
Mish mash. Stuffies’ summer camp crew
Hospital stuffies given to patients at ER; one the fourth visit, we said no more please
Thanks my Korean posse ladies for the different theme presents: July 2022

This entry is for Ragtag Daily Post: Toys. Thanks for hosting this challenge jansenphoto: working on this post made me reminisce fondly of a problem…ahem, I mean, blessing in our home.

Peace and blessing, friends. ~ Esther

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  1. Well you and I have discussed stuffies Esther and I had one teddy bear that was way bigger than me, then the pediatrician said I was allergic to stuffed animals. When I was an adult, my mom and I were shopping and she bought me a cute bear and said “this makes up for all the bears you missed growing up.” That started me collecting bears, to which my mom quipped “now I’m sorry I started you on bears – they have encroached to my dresser, the den and all over your room.” I will write about the bears and dolls, likely for a Christmas blog post sometime. 🙂


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