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Broccoli larva to Hover Fly

Remember the broccoli larva that metamorphosed into the unknown bug??

Thanks to blogger Linda’s suggestion at shoreacres, I submitted a picture for ID help on Within hours, I received a reply from a member!

Species Allograpta obliqua – Common Oblique Syrphid

Relocated into a glass jar with breathing holes on top. Kiddos created a cozy habitat with mulch and leaves.
Ellis squeezes droplets of water into the breathing holes. Added a blueberry and piece of broccoli. I’m not going to open the jar carelessly as our bug flew out and hovered around the lamp. It’s a slow flyer as I was able to capture it back in the jar quickly.

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  1. This is wonderful! And I’m glad you got a quick response. Sometimes it can take a few days, or even longer, but I can’t remember anything I’ve posted remaining unidentified. Hoverflies are quite common here, and they’re among my favorite pollinators. For one thing, they are a bit slower than bees, and easier to photograph!

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    1. It was a great first experience! I really didn’t think I’d get a response so quickly.
      Hoverfly was doing well until this afternoon when I accidentally squashed it with a strawberry . I moved the jar and it rolled on top of it. It was on its last leg when I last saw it, must recheck its status.
      Kiddos don’t know yet…they’ll be more upset that my carelessness did that. lol

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    1. Linda, it’s kind of embarrassing to say but I accidentally crushed him with the strawberry piece I put in his habitat. Ugh, my carelessness. It looked like it would live at first, but nope it didn’t survive. Well, we kept it alive for about 2 weeks. Thanks Linda for support and encouragement.


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