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Another bout of cyclic vomiting

I don’t want to admit it, but it seems Ellis is going through another bout of cyclic vomiting.

I’m sitting here wondering if we should go to the er now or wait.

Well… I’m writing this 2 hours after I wrote that last sentence. We’re at the er. Scary as heck driving at 4 a.m. with only 1 or 2 other cars on the freeway.

Game face. I resisted coming here hoping Ellis would stop vomiting but her pain and nausea level were too much.

Poor Elliot will be so freaked out to find us gone in the morning. He’ll be home with daddy. He was all nerves last night cause he knew there was a possibility we were coming here. He was trying so hard to make Ellis laugh, help me with tasks, and to stay low key so we could tend to Ellis. Ugh. These experiences are hard on him, as well as the whole family.

Ellis is feeling miserable with stomach cramps and nausea. IV is in… medication coming soon. She’s quiet. Maybe iv fluid is helping her.

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      1. Thank you! They discharged us after worrying. Some the hospital was so full and other places far, they did a trial run to let us go home with a treatment plan if her vomiting continued. We were so relieved to be coming home there were tears of joy. Anxiety all around with babies screaming in the er, no beds, prospect of getting transferred to a hospital in another county.
        Thank the Lord for his hand on this matter. We just have to at one point and resigned ourselves to whatever they thought was best.
        Few incidents of vomiting at home but overall a good night sleep.
        Thank you for the sweet and encouragement!!

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    1. We came home from the er with much trepidation last night! Ellis wasn’t all well but the hospital was full. It was a strange first but we’re doing well at home.
      Thank you for the sweet thoughts, prayers and encouragement!!


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