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Back home from the er

We got back home from the ER 14 hours later. The hours seemed to pass slow and fast but without any windows, it felt like we were stuck in a time warp.

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Relieved to be discharged without getting admitted to the hospital. All her cyclic vomiting episodes had resulted in days-long hospital admission in the past, but this was a first. Doctors said that if she could hold down sips of water without throwing up, they’d let us go home. That’s immense pressure. So Ellis tried hard by taking sips and forcing herself to no throw it up. Once she couldn’t do it, she’d cry from anxiety that now she’ll have to get admitted, and with the high influx of Covid, RSV, and flu patients at the hospital and no space, we’ll be transferred to an unknown hospital when a bed becomes available.

At 3 p.m. Ellis and I had a pep talk. Both of us needed to let go of only thinking about getting discharged. If she gets discharged before feeling fully well, we’ll only end up in the ER again, so let’s not fight it. If you feel like throwing up, just do it. Don’t force yourself to drink water if you don’t want to. This is the best place to be while you are unwell and I can’t help you like this at home. What’s another day or two? But there’s all the flu and Covid cases here, which is not ideal either.

I was not feeling the pep talk because my ankle was cramping from the cold (an old sprain that needs tending), feeling hungry and caffeine deprived, worried about transfer logistics, and wondering if insurance would cover the ambulance ride. But talking about it with Ellis got me encouraged and I felt God would lead us where we needed to be. If God wants us to be transferred to a hospital in another county, well I guess we were meant to go there. I would not be happy about it but ok (very reluctant ok).

Each time different doctors came in asking me if I think she’s ready to go home, I didn’t know what to say. Aren’t they supposed to tell me? I replied that I didn’t know. I let go of the expectation. Once Ellis let go of the pressure too, she asked to drink water and didn’t throw it up. Good sign. But I was still resigned to whatever was needed for Ellis’ well being.

Best thing to see as you’re leaving the place

Minutes later, nurse comes in with anti-nausea medicine and tells me that our room is indicated as “soon to be discharged.” We cried from relief. We’ve spent some times at the hospital in past Decembers and I hoped that this year we would avoid any ER trips. We were close to making it too.

Relieved and thankful to be home. Ellis was mainly in bed the first day home and Elliot tried all kinds of comedy to make her smile. Nothing. What a day a difference makes: she woke me up by banging a xylophone in my ear, finished her entire meal (she said, not from pressure but from hunger), and later playing bottle flip with her brother. Chris and I are relieved that everyone is home and well. Throughout the day, our drooping shoulders have slowly lifted. Thank you Jesus!

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    1. Thank you Linda! It’s a relief to be home. The hospital is just packed and thinking about what you could catch was unsettling.
      That’s Ellis’ cocoon position, which she says is comfortable. I don’t know how she bends her body like that but she says it’s comfortable.
      Well, I’ve been sleeping pretty comfortably so much that kids complain of my loud snoring. I blame it on exhaustion…or they’ll just pulling my leg. Ack!

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