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Monochrome Monday: 1-30-’23. Celebrating friend’s bday

It’s been a while since we ventured out to any friend’s birthday parties, but we finally did last weekend. Fun times to get together with some friends and try ice skating. I don’t recall it being this hard, tried a few times in my 20s and was not this clumsy, but after 30 minutes, all three of us were on the sidelines; cheering on friends instead. lol.

Special friend since babyhood and Ellis’ G.O.A.T. pen pal. Happy birthday T~
Mama selfies! Good friends. Our Bible study circle includes more ladies…will need a good group pic of all of us and post next time.
The fam

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  1. I have been meaning to ask you forever if the kids had penpals … the reason for my inquiry is I had a serviceman during Operation Desert Storm as a co-worker’s preacher asked if each parishioner would take lists to their workplace and ask co-workers to write to servicemen/women. I took three names, just heard from one named Bill, BUT, I had a penpal while we still lived in Canada – his name was Duck Won Suh. I lost touch with him as we got older unfortunately.


    1. Ellis has a pen pal and really enjoys corresponding via snail mail. Elliot does not, although I’ve been trying to find a pen pal for him. It seems harder to find aboy penpal. Duck Wi
      Won suh must’ve been Korean. Same last name as ours. What a great thing to write to servicemen/women… although that seems hard to know what to write.


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