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Monochrome Monday: 3-20-’23. Pumice stone

At a Gem, Rock, and Mineral show this Sunday, kids were encouraged to lift and see the weight of this pumice stone. The demonstration man at the kid’s table picked up the stone so easily that I thought it would be as heavy as a big plush. It was not! It weighed about 3-4 pounds; although I can’t be sure.

Kids were nervous that they’d drop it, but they still managed to hold it long enough for me to take a picture. I did not want to be the family that drops and damages the stone.

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  1. I remember the small pumice stone that always sat at the edge of our sinks; it was useful whenever someone had gotten into something like engine oil and needed a little extra help for getting their hands clean. It was good for helping to get calluses off feet, too.

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    1. Thank you! I’ll let them know. Elliot was okay holding it by himself but Ellis very petite. She hesitated but went with it at the end. I’m glad she did…she said that was one of her favorite part of the visit.

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  2. That’s interesting how lightweight it is. I have lava rocks in the garden, small ones like stones and a larger one for decoration but they have a similar consistency but are heavier.


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